Top SaaS Product Ideas for Your Startup

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Selecting an appropriate SaaS idea can be particularly challenging for startups as the market is large, and there are many paths you can take. Discover why developing SaaS is advantageous, and browse over 100 SaaS product ideas that can aid your startup in its brainstorming.

New emerging software seems to be conquering the world every month. Yet, with so much digitalization transforming our daily lives, creating a tech product still makes sense if you're an aspiring entrepreneur (provided that you have a killer idea and bring it to life in the best possible way, of course).

What kind of software-as-a-service should you build? What are the cloud-based options out there? If you're not sure how to come up with SaaS ideas effectively on your own, on this page, we've compiled a list of 100+ SaaS software ideas to get you started.

Why Should Startups Develop SaaS Products?

Let's begin by noting that SaaS (software-as-a-service), PaaS (platform-as-a-service), and IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) form the major cloud computing tiers. And although the industry is quite crowded and has big players like Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce, there is room for more innovation and tech solutions, both large and small.

What's common for the SaaS model? As a rule, providing access to services on subscription with flexible pricing plans which often come in several package options. Likewise, giving freemium access or free trial time to test the product first is among the most widespread moves for a business or startup pricing strategy. Others include using subscription billing software, as this Younium guide explains, to manage customers and the recurrent nature of revenues collected.

The subscription approach is beneficial for both providers and clients who don't have to worry about getting on-premise software solutions, their maintenance, and other troubles. Users are either charged a monthly or annual fee for using the cloud solution or have the "pay-as-you-go" system.

So, why should you build SaaS products or launch a startup with such a product? Recurring revenue, wide adoption of cloud solutions, and overall digitalization expansion explain why SaaS revenue growth is leaping exponentially (and it's not likely to decelerate in the next few years). Recent statistics suggest that globally $282.20 billion USD in revenue is expected in this segment for 2024, and the market volume is projected to reach $374.50 billion USD already in 2028.

Software as a Service Market Revenue Volume

Similarly, end users continue spending more on SaaS products. In fact, the SaaS market size has practically doubled throughout the past five years. The global end-user spend on SaaS continues to grow. To compare, it was 120.70 billion USD in 2020, and 232.30 billion USD is projected in 2024.

If you think there are no startup ideas that haven't been done in the software-as-a-service sector, you're wrong. The mentioned above highlights the demand for SaaS products and the potential in this field. These are solid reasons to brainstorm tech business ideas and consider building your own solution, regardless of whether you're an early-stage startup or a growing business, as there are many niche SaaS ideas you can bring to life.

5 SaaS Development Benefits for Startups

Developing SaaS solutions can be advantageous for startups. Let's go over a few notable benefits.

Major SaaS Development Advantages for Startups

1. Profitability

It is possible to make a successful product if you have profitable SaaS ideas. And most startups aim to get a decent profit, reach an exit, or become unicorns (a popular startup term defining a company whose venture capital is valued at over 1 billion USD).

According to Crunchbase, there are 125 SaaS unicorn startups as of April 2024, many of which received funds from top accelerator programs like Y Combinator and Techstars. Hence, there are opportunities to earn money if you have a decent SaaS sales strategy and quality product. 

2. Flexibility and Agility

Developing a SaaS product can give you the needed flexibility. As such, the solution's agility will allow for making changes as the company, its number of clients, and the product itself grow. Surely, having the chance to make iterations to an elastic system as you go is an undeniable benefit.

3. Scalability Opportunities 

Similarly, exponential growth is also crucial for startups, and the SaaS model opens the doors for startup scaling. The best part is that you can build your solution gradually. This means that as the client base grows and the product evolves, you can incrementally expand the functionality set, the available services and product opportunities, among other things.

4. Mending the Product Based on Feedback

Plus, with the help of the product-led growth model that many subscription-based products use, it becomes possible to adjust and sculpt the product better. The feedback that's provided by users who are just getting started with the SaaS solution is invaluable. It makes it easier to allocate flaws, improve the user journey, test, update, and continuously refine the final solution. This way, you'll have a market-ready product that brings value, provides a positive experience, and becomes a primary sales driver.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

Reducing production and development costs is critical for those who're on a tight startup budget. Luckily, cloud-based SaaS solutions generally cost less to develop and keep up if compared with traditional software and legacy solutions. Because a startup's funding has limits, creating a cost-effective product with the help of the latest technology and using the available financing wisely is a way to steer the company in the direction of success.

This point also implies that you have more freedom of choice when it comes to who to hire to develop the product, as there are multiple ways to cut costs and save resources like time. For instance, instead of going through the hassle of hiring individuals in-house, you can turn to a remote MVP development company that'll provide you with an expert team to build your SaaS product.

Looking for a reliable tech partner?

Upsilon is an MVP development company that can help build your MVP in up to 3 months!

Let's talk

Looking for a reliable tech partner?

Upsilon is an MVP development company that can help build your MVP in up to 3 months!

Let's talk

100+ SaaS Product Ideas for Startups in 2024 and Onward

Those who want to develop a unique product that solves a problem won't go far without a good idea. So if you're not sure how to find SaaS ideas that have potential, here are our top picks. We've decided to break them down by category, providing multiple examples of SaaS you can build for each of the 15 categories.

Top software-as-a-service product idea categories

1. SaaS Ideas Using ChatGPT

Implementing ChatGPT for various business spheres has become viral recently. Therefore, we'll open our list of SaaS ideas for 2024 with the AI tool that's taking the world by storm.

ChatGPT has multiple use cases, but how can startup founders apply it innovatively? Giving reasonable replies to inquiries is one of the tool's biggest strengths. And since providing an unrivaled user experience with lots of personalization is among the latest business trends, you can harness the talent of this progressive tool, which uses the GPT-3 language to process inputs and have conversations.

Which SaaS product ideas with ChatGPT do we have in mind? Giving a few examples, you can create various chatbot-based solutions powered by ChatGPT, so here are a few AI product ideas:

  • AI detector to find out whether ChatGPT was used;
  • second-brain ChatGPT app for iPhone or Mac like Elephos;
  • customer service platform for communicating with customers;
  • system for sorting client tickets for the customer support team;
  • sentence rewriter tool to rephrase and paraphrase text for better clarity or uniqueness;
  • solution for gathering and analyzing feedback;
  • personal assistant to help with daily routine tasks;
  • tool for moderating conversations and chats;
  • paragraph generator to streamline writing process;
  • audience segmentation tool based on analytics;
  • AI script generator to create scripts for marketing, sales, educational videos, and more.

2. Micro SaaS Ideas

Putting one petite niche in the spotlight or solving a specific problem can be another way to approach your hunt for ‚Äč‚ÄčSaaS application ideas. Moving "from small to big" can be reasonable as you'll have a laser focus on finding a solution to a single pain point. This implies that you'll prioritize features and make functionality inclusion and other decisions based on overcoming this challenge. When the time is right, you'll expand the product.

What are some micro SaaS business ideas? The central concept here concerns addressing one problem or issue that people confront. Think about which features are currently existing solutions lacking that you can single out and develop as separate products. As such, you can build a micro-SaaS solution for:

  • putting together CVs or engaging portfolios;
  • simplifying grocery or packing list creation;
  • helping people find a place to park their car;
  • making password creation, management, and storage safe and easy;
  • accelerating habit adoption (for instance, for helping people develop new habits and measure personal growth);
  • caring for plants (e.g., for gardening or home plants);
  • planning events (for example, parties, birthdays, team buildings, etc.);
  • creating simple to fill out forms for customers;
  • running surveys;
  • customer onboarding builder tool;
  • expense tracking tool;
  • on-page search and filtering app.

The SaaS idea for a micro product can really be anything, and there are no limits in this respect. And best of all, this path is a perfect fit for those startups that wish to begin their business journey by developing an MVP for their micro SaaS ideas.

3. Edutech SaaS Startup Ideas

Learning tools have also been gaining popularity, so education technology is a promising industry, too. Check out a couple of edutech ideas for tech SaaS businesses listed below:

  • tutorial creation software;
  • language learning application;
  • platform for holding online classes;
  • career counseling app for students;
  • attendance tracking solution;
  • note-taking tool;
  • academic writing help for students.

4. CRM SaaS Business Ideas

Customer relationship management software is no less important for a company than proper bookkeeping. This sector provides enough space for various B2B SaaS ideas. Every client, contact, and partner counts; that's why having a simple and organized system with lots of automation opportunities, including reminders, is vital. Here are some of the best SaaS ideas regarding CRMs:

  • lead scoring system (to evaluate leads according to their engagement, activity, or other criteria);
  • automatic follow-up system (to make connecting with prospects easier after a set time period);
  • pipeline customization tool (to simplify pipeline building based on stages or specific needs);
  • integration tools (to connect various customer touchpoints, such as social media or popular messengers).

5. Fintech SaaS Ideas

Of course, fintech is not the easiest industry, as such products are hard to develop. Yet, there's a multitude of SaaS solutions that you can build depending on the chosen target audience and use cases. Bringing up a couple of software-as-a-service ideas in the fintech sector, you may develop a:

  • personal or company budget planning tool;
  • accounting software (for payrolls, doing taxes, etc.);
  • online payment solution (possibly a payment gateway like Paypal, Stripe, or Braintree);
  • online invoicing and billing software;
  • startup equity management software (including cap table management);
  • investment platform (for purchasing and selling stocks);
  • software for getting a loan or credit;
  • tool for assessing someone's credit score and the associated risks;
  • financial report creation tool;
  • crowdfunding and fund-seeking platform.

It's wise to take inspiration from established solutions in this space before trying to plant your own flag in the fintech SaaS scene. For instance, if you want to launch an invoicing service, checking out reputable platforms like InvoiceSimple is sensible. It could inspire you, and also give you a sense of what you're up against.

6. Blockchain SaaS Product Ideas

On a similar note, you can consider building a solution related to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. Specifically, developing a cryptocurrency exchange can cater to the growing demand for digital currency trading platforms, providing secure and efficient transaction capabilities for users around the globe. There's lots of room for creativity here, but you may consider one of these profitable SaaS ideas in the blockchain segment:

  • cryptocurrency exchange (for buying and selling Bitcoin or other currencies);
  • crypto wallet (for storing crypto);
  • NFT marketplace (a place for collecting and selling various digital non-fungible tokens for assets like art, audio, or any other unique objects);
  • smart contracts and document verification tool;
  • voting platform;
  • tokenization solution;
  • API for integrating crypto as a payment option.

7. Marketing Software Ideas

There are many possibilities in the marketing division too, as every business has plenty of activities that revolve around promoting the product or service. As such, you can choose a marketing-related SaaS idea from this list:

  • marketing campaign automation tool;
  • email software (for instance, drip campaign flowchart and drip campaign creation tool, email templates, newsletter send-out automation, cold email software, incoming email sorting, among others);
  • content plan creation and distribution planner;
  • content management system (e.g., for running a blog and making article publishing easy);
  • tool for managing multiple social media channels (this may be post layout planning, automated on-schedule posting, etc.);
  • testing software (for example, for A/B or multivariate tests, heatmaps, and others);
  • feedback management tool;
  • client portal with integrated billing and project management;
  • software for tracking product or brand mentions;
  • tool for making referral programs or reward programs for loyal customers.

8. Data Analytics SaaS Product Ideas

Marketing, sales, and data analytics for startups go hand in hand. Hence, monitoring product performance metrics and customer behavior and acting on the findings timely is vital for various businesses regardless of size or industry. Therefore, here are some analytics software ideas for SaaS startups to keep in mind and consider developing:

  • a system for tracking objectives and key results (OKRs);
  • metrics monitoring and KPI management tool;
  • data visualization tool (such as compelling dashboard creation);
  • team performance management software;
  • data reporting solution (a simple way to generate reports);
  • Mac cleaner apps (you can find the list with the examples here);
  • software for tracking social media analytics.

9. Health, Wellness, and Sport SaaS App Ideas

Staying healthy is important for many individuals across the globe who pay due attention to what they eat, do sports, for example triathlon training, and regularly visit healthcare facilities. So it's no surprise that there are loads of SaaS platform ideas that deal with health, sport, and wellness both for B2C and B2B. Below, we list a few notable examples of such SaaS business ideas:

  • insomnia software (that helps people fall asleep and track their sleep);
  • building a fitness app;
  • tool for keeping a health diary;
  • nutrition and dieting app;
  • tool for tracking the medication people take;
  • telehealthcare software (for handling some matters remotely and minimizing physical visits to the doctor's office);
  • tool for handling clinic appointments (e.g., storing health records, automatically reminding clients to visit the doctor, etc.);
  • workout planning and tracking software.

10. Design and Video Tools

High-quality visuals help companies convey messages to their prospects, form opinions, and gain trust. Flawless user experience matters a lot more than it did a decade back, so professionals need to equip themselves with the best tools that would allow for creating designs and visual content most optimally. These are some SaaS product ideas to have to do with design and videos:

11. Logistics and Travel SaaS Startup Ideas

The logistics field requires clear operation visibility; therefore, people are always on the lookout for an opportunity to cut transportation costs. Similarly, saving money and time are among the top priorities of those planning personal or group travel. These are some profitable SaaS ideas for travel and logistics:

  • tool for planning the most optimal routes;
  • software for calculating resource usage (for example, estimating the required amount of fuel);
  • supply chain and delivery tracking software;
  • inventory management software;
  • booking application (e.g., hotels, rentals, cars, etc.);
  • solution for buying tickets (including transport, recreation venues, and others).

12. Real Estate SaaS Ideas

Software for property management is one more sector to consider, especially in the context of coliving in New York. Gone are the days of newspaper ads for finding roommates. Today, not only individual property owners or property seekers can make use of real estate software, but agents, brokers, and investors can, too. Here are several of the best SaaS business ideas that have to do with real estate:

13. Communication and Workflow Improvement Tools

Organizing the work of a team most efficiently is always challenging for businesses and individuals alike. And having well-laid-out processes is especially important due to the recent changes like major shifts to remote work or flexible schedules. In view of this, here are the top SaaS business ideas for workflow improvement, communication enhancement, and others:

  • scheduling software;
  • task management tool;
  • virtual office or meeting room;
  • product development roadmap builder;
  • project management tool (for instance, one that'll have predefined sets based on project type, niche, team size, etc.);
  • recruitment software (for organizing employee hiring processes, screenings, CV storage, interview briefs, etc.);
  • performance review process tool (for gathering and storing feedback, documenting salary raise decisions, etc.);
  • employee time off management tool (for tracking sick leaves, vacations, and unpaid time off);
  • employee onboarding and training software.

14. Cybersecurity SaaS Product Ideas

Preventing a data breach is crucial in a world where hacking and data theft are all over the place. This is precisely why top-notch cybersecurity solutions are required for companies that want to safeguard sensitive information and protect themselves from attacks. These are some SaaS security business ideas:

  • fraud detection solution;
  • data security and privacy software;
  • access management system;
  • intrusion detection and unauthorized access prevention tool;
  • threat intelligence, security vulnerability, or tech due diligence audit software;
  • security training app for employees;
  • AI-based threat detection tool.

15. E-Commerce SaaS Ideas

Finally, although it might seem that everything possible has already been invented for online sales, there are multiple things you can create for e-commerce. Below are a couple of SaaS ideas for 2024 in the online retail sector:

  • e-commerce platform (to quickly create a marketplace or online retail store with hassle-free setup and management);
  • automated checkout solutions;
  • recommended products tool;
  • system for optimizing pricing;
  • product curation tool.

Need a hand with SaaS development?

Upsilon is a trustworthy tech partner that can help bring your SaaS ideas to life.

Book a consultation

Need a hand with SaaS development?

Upsilon is a trustworthy tech partner that can help bring your SaaS ideas to life.

Book a consultation

How Upsilon Can Help with Your SaaS Idea

Upsilon specializes in helping startups build their products, so we can give you a hand with bringing your SaaS idea to life. Our expert team is made up of experienced professionals who've been providing SaaS application development services for many years. We've worked on projects in various fields, from music tech and logistics to art, retail, telemedicine, and beyond. If you'd like to see examples of our work, you may look through our portfolio.

In fact, as a product studio, we've built several of our own solutions, like OrgaNice, a tool for simply creating company org charts, tracking employee time off, congratulating colleagues on notable events, giving Kudos to your teammates, and more. So, we'll be happy to share our expertise every step of the way. We can start off with a 2-week discovery phase to help you shape your ideas, build a prototype, and plan the work ahead. Afterward, our dedicated team can lend you a hand with the development and release of your product.

You should also know that we work in sprints, meaning that you'll get tangible results every two weeks by teaming up with us. Plus, the team size and composition are flexible. If you'd like to get a quick estimate of how much it may cost to develop a high-quality minimum viable product with us in under three months, feel free to use our simple MVP cost calculator. 

SaaS Ideas 2024 in a Nutshell

As you see, there's a multitude of software solutions you can build. We've provided an extensive list of SaaS application ideas that you can use to brainstorm possible options and come up with a unique product of your own.

Surely, a great idea alone isn't enough. You'll need to do thorough research, go through the discovery phase, and plan the product in detail before you proceed to development. On the other hand, timing is also highly important in today's competitive market. If you're too slow to release the product, there's always a chance that someone else will beat you to the finish line.

Hence, it is wise to begin with creating a minimum viable product, launch the MVP, and then continue building up on your results. And if you need a reliable tech partner to help you create your product, don't be shy to contact us to discuss your SaaS startup ideas and needs!


1. How do you come up with good SaaS product ideas?

Coming up with a worthwhile idea isn't easy, but you can apply frameworks for finding a business idea, stumble upon great product ideas yourself as a user, or conduct market research. Generating a great idea also involves identifying pain points or unsolved problems that can be improved.

2. Which strategies for finding unique SaaS business ideas can I apply?

Once again, if you're not sure how to find SaaS ideas, looking into the existing solutions in the market that you're familiar with and trying to allocate unsolved problems, inefficiences, or areas that can improved is an actionable strategy. You can also note the emerging trends and markets.

3. Which factors should be considered when evaluating SaaS startup ideas?

When assessing the viability of your SaaS product idea, it is worth taking into account factors such as market demand, existing competitors, the solution's scalability opportunities and revenue potential, overall idea feasibility, as well as your own expertise in the field. Without due market research, you may be a footstep away from wasted resources on developing a useless product.

4. What are some good SaaS ideas 2024 can see?

There has been a visible shift of focus to solutions that can save people time. So, mentioning a few good software-as-a-service ideas that can be brought to life in 2024 and beyond, it is worth noting no-code builder tools and various AI-powered software solutions that can facilitate various work processes and boost efficiency.

5. What are the ways to monetize SaaS software ideas?

Most SaaS solutions share similar monetization strategies, including subscription-based pricing models and tiered pricing plans. They often provide free trials or offer freemium models, charging for the use of extra features.

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