CTO as a Service for Non-Technical Founders

Get C-level tech guidance for your product's success and achieve your business goals with more confidence.

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CTOs are in demand and startups need to compete against FAANG to attract top talent.

the average salary of a seed-stage CTO - equal to entry positions at companies like Google and Meta.
an increase in the number of active CTO job openings over the past three years.
of vacancies are posted by the tech companies - they show the highest demand for CTOs.
the average tenure of a CTO in a startup, and its downward trend is continuing.
Doesn’t sound very optimistic, right? But there is a solution: CTO as a service.
Help me with CTO services
When do I need CTO as a Service?
You know WHAT kind of product you want to build but have no idea HOW it can be developed from the tech perspective.
You are seeking funding for your startup and need to show investors you’re backed by a professional guiding the technical direction.
Your past experience with low-cost developers has been disappointing and you don't want this scenario to happen again.
You are putting all efforts into strategy, networking, marketing, and sales and need someone who will fully take care of the product's tech side.
If any of the above portrays you, let’s find out how we can take all those pains off.
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Hire a CTO with a Reliable Team for Your Project

We understand - better than most - that running a tech startup can be super challenging. But no worries. With Upsilon’s CTO-as-a-service, you will not only have an experienced tech person in your corner but an expert team ready to implement all your bold ideas.
Why should I opt for this model?
You get strong chemistry from the kick-off
100% dedication to your project O
Custom team composition available

Managed Team Led by a CTO

You get two in one: a team made up of specialists who have been working side-by-side for years and a CTO who takes full responsibility for managing them and delivering the desired results.

From Idea to Launch - Count on Us Every Step of the Way

It can be difficult for founders when they face tech barriers or aren't satisfied with their team's work during the early stages of product development. If this sounds like your situation, opting for CTO as a service can be a wise choice. As a reliable tech partner, Upsilon is here to support you and provide CTO guidance whenever you need it.

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Project Discovery Phase

We get things rolling by conducting competitor research and working closely with you to refine your product's vision, goal and core functionality. Our CTO will guide you through choosing the appropriate architecture, technologies, tools, and integrations that will be the basis of your solution’s design.

We will help you with:

  • Project’s goals clarification
  • Architecture & infrastructure design
  • Technology stack selection
  • Setting up development processes
  • Team culture elaboration

Product Planning

Our expert will audit your existing tech infrastructure and processes and arm you with an actionable product roadmap containing feature prioritization, timelines, and budget estimation aligned with your resources and business objectives.

We will help you with:

  • Tech due diligence
  • Creating the development roadmap
  • Feature set composition 
  • Timelines estimation and budget allocation

Product Pitching

As your partner in getting investments, we've got your back from start to finish. We'll handle the tech side of your pitch decks, communicate with investors, and provide CTO-level support for all your business presentations. 

We will help you with:

  • Pairing business logic with a tech part
  • Pitch deck development
  • Communication with investors on tech topics

Product Development (MVP)

As for the development part, our CTO services are not limited to code reviews, task management in Jira, and other day-to-day routines. We will put maximum effort into helping you go through all the pivots and challenges on the path to the main goal: getting product-market fit.

We will help you with:

  • Agile team management
  • Code reviews
  • Overall project quality and functionality assessment
  • Preparing recommendations for improvements

Product Scaling

As your product expands and demands more power, we will come in to synchronize your long-term business and tech strategies. Our experts will identify your product's most promising "growth points" and establish a reliable scaling strategy to speed up your move to the next level.

We will help you with:

  • Architectural and infrastructural improvements
  • Creating an overall tech scaling strategy

Your Project Starts Here

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Our Technologies

Ambitious products deserve the best technologies. Here are the main tech skills our experts do possess:

Front-end developers

Upsilon React
Upsilon Next JS
Next JS
Upsilon Gatsby

DevOps engineers

Upsilon GitLb
Upsilon Kubernetes
Upsilon GitHub
Upsilon Docker

Mobile app developers

Upsilon React
React Native
Upsilon Expo

Back-end developers

Upsilon Python
Upsilon Django
Upsilon Node JS
Node JS
Upsilon FastAPI

Data scientists

Upsilon TensorFlow
Upsilon Deep Pavlov
Scikit learn
Upsilon Keras
Upsilon Gensim
Upsilon Faiss
Upsilon SciPy
Upsilon PyTorch
Upsilon spaCy
Upsilon XGBoost
Upsilon SimPy

Our Shared Path to Success

Once you approve the team and sign a contract - we can start building your product together with no-risk.


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Review the team and start

Once you approve the team and sign a contract, we can start building your product together with no-risk.

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What Is CTO as a service?

CTO as a service refers to Chief Technology Officer-as-a-service. It’s a new way to think about the role of the CTO, where the CTO is brought in from outside and manages all technical aspects of product development. A company can hire the entire team led by a CTO or assign specific responsibilities to an external expert on a part-time consultancy basis.

What are the CTO’s responsibilities in a startup?

The CTO oversees all technology decisions within the startup. They are responsible for ensuring that the used tech stack is scalable, efficient, and reliable. In addition, they help create and maintain a comprehensive technology roadmap that guides the startup’s future growth.

When should a startup opt for CTO as a service?

CTO services are an excellent option for early-stage startups that can’t afford to hire an in-house CTO. It can also be beneficial for fast-growing companies that already have a CTO but need additional support in managing and scaling their products.

How much do CTO services cost at Upsilon?

CTO services fees are determined on a case-by-case basis. However, our team is committed to offering these services to a diverse range of startups, regardless of their industry or the technology that will be used on the project.