Accelerate Your Startup‘s Success with Discovery Phase Services

Shape your business idea with a solid plan and ensure a strong start for your project, avoiding constant revisions and budget overruns.

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of founders admit that they should have allocated more resources to research and idea validation
the overall failure rate for new ventures
of startups encounter delayed deadlines when launching their solutions
By opting for discovery phase services, you definitely enhance your chances of joining that lucky 10%

Which Way Will You Go? 🤔

John & Ann startup founders
John & Ann have a brilliant product idea with great market potential, and they are currently working on bringing it to life.

🙁 Without Discovery Phase

😀 With Discovery Phase


Founders were in a rush and decided to skip the project discovery.


Founders asked a digital product studio to help them with the project discovery.


The team didn't do any research; they just relied on a list of features they wanted for the future product.

After a few ideation sessions, they jumped right into coding and delivered a high-fidelity design from the start.


The team conducted in-depth business analysis that allowed founders to correctly draw up project requirements.

They created a list of priority features, selected the most suitable technology stack, and determined the project architecture.


The change in the business logic required the total overhaul of the project’s architecture.

The addition of new features caused a complete redesign.


Founders got a clickable prototype, which allowed them to showcase their future product to potential investors and users.

Provided with a detailed project execution plan, founders confidently moved ahead to the development phase.
A well-executed discovery phase will steer your product in the right direction. At Upsilon, we're here to be your guide on this journey.
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Our Project Discovery Process

Our team has conducted project discovery numerous times, for both our own startups and clients' products. We've established a reliable process that takes you closer to a crisp product plan and beyond with every step.

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We schedule a series of intro calls with a Business Analyst. During these calls, we gather the initial requirements to get a clear picture of your business idea, main goals, and the value you envision for the future product.


Analysis and Research

During this step, the Business Analyst conducts thorough research to analyze industry trends and identify problems. Additionally, competitors are studied to develop a competitive solution that can capture a significant share of the market.


Scoping and Feature Prioritization

We finalize the project requirements to establish the scope and expected outcomes of the solution. In collaboration with stakeholders, we create the list of features and user stories and prioritize them.


Wireframing and Design

We create a design concept and build wireframes based on the user stories. This ensures a smooth user experience, while also allowing you to make changes to the concept before estimation and development.



The design team builds a clickable prototype that shows the appearance and functionality of your future product.


Defining Project Architecture and Tech Stack

The development team sets up several sessions to define the solution architecture, ensuring a robust project structure that can scale effectively. They also select the appropriate tech stack and 3rd-party integrations to efficiently deliver all the required functionality.


Project Execution Plan

After completing all stages of the discovery phase, we gather all the documents in one place and prepare a detailed project execution plan that includes team composition, budget, and time estimate needed to deliver an MVP with the required functionality.

How you’ll be involved

_ What we expect from you:

Give us an overview of your project: basic requirements, goals, expectations, budget available, etc.
Participate in user stories creation and feature prioritization
Provide feedback on the design and prototype
Your time investments will be:
10-15 hours
in 2 weeks
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Project Discovery Phase Deliverables

Once the discovery phase is completed, you’ll receive a set of deliverables to move forward with your project.

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Feature list and user stories

A comprehensive explanation of the product's features, written from the end user's perspective.

Wireframes and UX/UI design

A design concept of a future product that includes layouts, images, sketches, and visual representations of expected user behavior.

Information data flow diagram

A diagram that illustrates the structure, organization, and flow of information within the solution.

Architecture diagram

A diagram that maps out various components of the solution, including frontend, backend, databases, cloud, and microservices, and how they interact with each other.

Tech stack definition

A list of technologies (with justification) that will enable the development and implementation of all product features in the most optimal way.

3rd-party services and AI

A document that describes in-details all necessary integrations and possible scenarios of AI usage including costs, explanations, and recommendations.

Clickable prototype

An interactive model that demonstrates how the product can look and work. It can be presented to stakeholders and investors prior to development.

Project execution plan

A strategic document that provides a clear and detailed plan for product development, including step-by-step instructions, timeframes, and budget considerations for future workflow.

Discovery Phase Services Pricing

We’ll provide your startup with a dedicated Project Discovery Team that will shape your idea into a well-defined project with a clickable prototype and detailed project estimation.
People involved:
Business analyst
Project manager
UX/UI designer
Software architect
2 weeks
10-15 h of your time
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Why to Start Project Discovery with Upsilon

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We’ll give shape to your rough idea

Our project discovery services will help you “package” your “killer” business idea into something more concrete, tangible, and measurable.

You’ll test the team with minimal risk

During the discovery phase, you’ll have the opportunity to see how our team works and make an informed decision regarding further partnership.

You’ll get a solution within the budget

Once you've allocated a specific budget for the project, we go through the discovery phase in a way that makes sure the later MVP doesn't end up costing more than what you planned.