Slack Bot Development

Launch your SaaS “version A” with less risk - start with a custom Slack Bot and then scale up to the complete solution with a reliable product studio.

Entering the Market with a Full-Fledged Product Might Be Risky and Costly

Look at today’s SaaS market - it’s overcrowded. Surely you’ve heard that to come out on top, you must offer a unique product that delivers the best-in-class experience. Easier said than done. And sometimes, this is not a working strategy for startups because:

Building a web or mobile app from scratch requires much time, effort, and funding
Competition is tremendous - there are thousands of service providers offering similar solutions
SaaS is becoming more and more complex - every product has almost every feature
Promotion and user acquisition might burn out your budget too early
Fortunately, there is an alternative - build a Slack bot to harness the power of Slack App Directory. And we are here to help you with it.
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Go Slack-First

Think of the Slack App Directory as the Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS. It is a trusted hub where thousands of businesses and teams seek apps and automations to boost their effectiveness via Slack.

Seize Your Chance to Join This Company:


apps (and growing) in the Slack App Directory

1 mln+

developers building Slack apps and integrations


Slack apps used by the avg. enterprise customer

Grow your Business from a Slack App

Leverage the potential of Slack App Directory - launch your pilot SaaS project as the Slack-native solution! Showcase your product to a multimillion audience, gain early adopters, generate first revenue, and create a solid basis for further business growth.

Streamline Your Processes with a Slack Bot

Transform tedious and time-consuming tasks, such as employee onboarding, feedback collection, or online support, into automated workflows with a custom Slack bot tailored to your specific business needs.

Build Your Business with the Slack App Directory

Get the most out of the opportunities the Slack App Directory offers to startups planning to launch their first product.

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Get to market faster

By tapping into Slack bot development services, you will get a “version A” of your product in weeks, not months. The Slack ecosystem has low entry barriers, a simple approval process, and a loyal, tech-savvy audience - so you will get product-market fit earlier than expected.

Find new users

With 20 million users, the Slack platform is an awesome space for launching new products. Allow workspaces of all shapes and sizes to install your app - and get early adopters without spending tons of bucks on promotion.

Start making money

There is a myth that Slack apps are cheap and you can't earn much from them. With Slack App Directory, you access a big pool of enterprise users who pay thousands of dollars for Slack-based solutions per year.

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Our Slack-Native Apps

At Upsilon, we’re big fans of Slack. Having spent thousands of hours within the app, we've always been passionate about making our experience more delightful, effective, and productive. That’s how our Slack-native apps were born. By now, they’ve gone far beyond in-house utilities and earned global popularity across businesses and verticals. Please check them out.

Knowledge Management Platform

OneBar is an AI-driven knowledge management platform that enables your team to gather, store, and manage valuable information and access it anywhere.

Task Management App for Slack

ToDoBot is the one-stop solution for seamless task tracking, organization, and prioritization within your Slack workspace.

Org Structure Building App

OrgaNice is a bot that lets you build a team directory from Slack workspace data in seconds. With OrgaNice, your org chart will always stay in tip-top shape, effortlessly.

__ Trusted by the best

From startups to Fortune 500 companies - our custom Slack bots are used by thousands of teams all over the globe.

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What is Slack bot development?

Slack bot development is the process of creating small handy tools that can fulfill the programmed commands to help your teams complete routine tasks faster and more effectively. The bots can be made using Slack API and are usually used to automate workflows and interact with users and channels.

I want to build a Slack bot. How should I start?

The first thing you should do is to decide what problem your Slack bot will solve. In most cases, the main goal of creating a Slack bot is to make business processes more organized while keeping your team members and customers more satisfied. So, at the starting point, you must define what tasks you want the custom Slack bot to perform.

How much does it cost to create a Slack bot?

Similarly to other software, everything depends on the complexity of your project. A custom Slack bot with basic functionality can be made and deployed in a month, costing around $10K. If you plan to build a Slack bot with advanced functionality like AI, the price may go beyond $50K, and the development process may take two-four months.