We Are a Product Studio - a New Breed of Software Agencies

Upsilon is a product studio working as a marriage of two businesses: we build our own B2B SaaS products and act as a tech partner for fast-growing companies.

Agency vs Studio.
What’s the Difference?

Software Agency

How they can help:

Deliver the outlined scope of work based on the list of project requirements - AKA build a certain set of features.

What you’ll get:

A product developed according to the documentation within a specific timeframe and budget.

Product Studio

How they can help:

Check the viability of a business idea, help to get product-market fit, and as a result, ensure your competitive growth.

What you’ll get:

A product that effectively solves customer problems and has a great potential for market success.
When you hire a classic software agency, you can be sure that the required functionality will be delivered. With a product studio, you get a committed partner who will share and implement your long-term product strategy.
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The Upsilon Story

Upsilon started as a classic outsourcing company. We were a team of programmers focused on writing clean code and building the required functionality, but we didn’t see the entire picture - of how products are ideated, launched, and managed from the business perspective.

With each project delivered to our clients, we learned a lot. Our team grew and became more cross-functional as we started doing more complex projects. We expanded our service offering: from a software engineering company, Upsilon transformed into a full-service tech partner that could provide product design, development, management, and delivery.

The valuable experience we gained from every case brought us to who we are today - a product studio. Spending thousands of hours working on clients’ projects, we always look for ways to make our experience more delightful, effective, and productive. That’s how our products - OneBar, ToDoBot, OrgaNice - were born.

As a result, now we successfully combine two businesses that complement each other. As a tech partner for our clients, we treat their every project like it's our little startup. And we build our own B2B SaaS solutions continuing to cultivate the spirit of innovation and product-first thinking within the company.

Working with a Classic Software Agency Can Be a Challenge

Startups gush with bold ideas but often have a rough understanding of what’s involved in building a digital product and taking it to market. In this scenario, working with a classic software agency may not be the best option because:

Agencies' core competency is engineering - for such services as design, marketing, or product launch, you should probably hire other companies;
Without specs or at least detailed project requirements, agencies won't ever get to work - but few startups can provide them right from the start;
Agencies lack an entrepreneurial mindset. They don’t dive deep into the business aspects of the product - their job is to develop what you ask for.

So, you don't need just executors but a true Product Guide. And Upsilon will be happy to take on this role.

Meet Upsilon, Digital Product Studio

Upsilon is a trusted tech partner who will handle your product as if it’s their own. With diverse backgrounds and skill sets under one roof, we work as a part of your internal team, fully dedicating ourselves to creating the best possible product.

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Conduct Product Discovery

At the initiation step of the product creation, the discovery phase is essential. We’ll dive deep into your business objectives, help you analyze the market, decide on core features, and detect possible roadblocks. By the end, you will have a detailed product road map with cost & time estimation.

Build an MVP

You got a great idea but what if no one needs the product you're planning to launch? Don't risk your success by guessing - go MVP-first. At Upsilon, we specialize in helping startups transform their concepts into working products, testing them in the market, and successfully acquiring first customers, all without breaking the bank.

Develop a New Product

We will be your guide throughout the product development cycle - from market research, design and feature development to post-launch activities. To help you get product-market fit faster, we’ll apply approaches and processes that we’ve honed while working on our own solutions.

Scale or Improve Existing Product

No matter how successful a product is - there is always space for scaling up and making it better. At Upsilon, we provide dedicated teams as well as on-demand developers with strong product-related experience to help you bring your solution to the next level.

Your Project Starts Here

Tell us about your business challenge using this interactive video, book a time for a call, and let's kick things off!

Product Development Process


Schedule a call

Complete the form and pick the best time. Ask us for an NDA if required, and we are happy to provide one.


Share your idea

Tell us about your bright business idea and what you want to achieve so we can start thinking about the solution.


Get a proposal

We will provide you with a proposal and give you a project roadmap.


We always bet heavily on the discovery phase. The more carefully research and preparatory work are done, the less time will be wasted on building the wrong thing.

14-21 business days
We start on:

  • Project roadmap
  • Product specification
  • Informational architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Clickable prototype
  • Tech stack definition
  • Solution architecture
You get discovery
done on:

14-21 business days


Using real-time collaboration tools like Figma, we make the design creation and delivery process team-oriented, iterative and enjoyable.

20 business days
Design starts on:

  • UI design
  • Graphic design
  • Motion design
You get discovery
done on:

20 business days


Being agile, we think and work in sprints. We deliver added value every 2 weeks helping you achieve product-market fit faster.

40-60 business days
starts on:

  • UI design
  • Graphic design
  • Motion design
You get an
MVP on:

40-60 business days

Product Launch and Analytics

Our work doesn’t end when the MVP is deployed. After releasing it to production, we start collecting product usage data and thinking about the next update.

7 business days
starts on:

  • Production
  • Product metrics
Your MVP
is live on:

7 business days

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What is a digital product studio?

Digital product studios are teams of strategists, designers, developers, product managers, and marketers, all dedicated to crafting the perfect product. 

Digital product studios specialize in turning product ideas into market-leading solutions. As entrepreneurs themselves, they know how crucial it is to get off the ground and take your company to the next level. That's why they serve as an accelerator - assisting startups with their launch, helping scaleups grow, and enabling high-growth companies to become the number one player in their industry.

What’s the difference between a digital product studio and a software development agency?

Digital product studios act like shareholders: they design, develop, and scale products through the prism of deep analysis of the client’s business, market, and user needs.

Software development agencies are focused on delivering a specific suite of features according to product specifications.

Why hire a digital product studio?

Access to diverse resources and expertise.

When you hire a digital product studio, you get access to a bunch of talented professionals with diverse skill sets and experiences. This lets them stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends, ensuring that your digital product or service always stays ahead of the curve. So, if you want to remain competitive and innovative, working with a digital product studio is the way to go.

Seamless communication and collaboration.

A client-centered digital product studio prioritizes transparent communication and fluid collaboration during the project. With regular check-ins, thorough progress updates, and access to cutting-edge project management tools, you will stay informed and engaged every step of the way.

Alignment with company culture and goals.

For a reputable digital product studio, it’s a high priority to be imbued with your ideas, values, and culture. They will dive deep through assessments, interviews, and discussions to gain a complete understanding of your brand identity and target audience. This allows them to create products that perfectly align with your vision and connect with your customers.