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ICP 2 Introduction

Growth Numbers That Keep Growing


total amount of funds raised by our clients


products delivered


years - the longest partnership duration


people - the largest team for a single client


Are you experiencing difficulties growing your team?

It's getting harder to compete with FAANG companies - they listed 250,000 tech jobs in 2021.
The average time-to-hire for a software engineer in the US is 35 days.
Millennials' average length in a job is 2 years and 9 months, while for Gen-Z's, this period is 6 months less.
The average annual salary for a software engineer in the US is $127K (22% growth in last 5 years)
Don’t get desperate. We are here to help you.
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50+ Full-Stack and Niche Experts on Standby

Our specialists have been working side-by-side for years. You will experience strong team chemistry right from the project’s kick-off.

Always ready to handle any part of your product development, we can support you with:

Product management

Upsilon Jira
Upsilon Slack
Upsilon Miro

UX/UI design

Upsilon Figma
Upsilon Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop


Upsilon Python
Python (FastAPI, Django)
Upsilon TypeScript
TypeScript (Node.js, React, React Native)


Upsilon Terraform
Upsilon Docker
Upsilon Kubernetes


Upsilon Appium
Upsilon Detox
Upsilon Selenium

AI & Machine Learning

Upsilon TensorFlow
Upsilon Keras
Upsilon PyTorch

Meet Your Future A-Players

We'll carefully select each team member based on the requirements and skills you need. Discover our talents and the role they can play in your team.

Upsilon Senior Developer

Senior developer

An orchestrator of the team who decides on the product’s architecture and tech stack. Reviews the code and supervises the tech team to make sure that the scope is delivered properly.

Upsilon Middle Developer

Middle developer

Main driving force of the team. They develop and deploy features, marrying tech and design parts.

Upsilon UX/Ui Designer

UX/UI designer

Works on making your product lovable at first sight. Creates interface designs and delivers the best user experience in line with the user journey.

Upsilon Quality Assurance

QA specialist

Goes over the code and locates bugs and glitches. Has the final say on whether or not the product is ready for deployment.

Upsilon Project Manager

Product manager

Guides and shapes the development of the product in the direction you define. Keeps teams on track, ensuring that the development runs on schedule.

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We Help Them Move Forward

Partnered with Upsilon, these companies are not just keeping up with competitors, they are surpassing them.

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hear from our clients

Explore how we worked hand-in-hand with our clients’ in-house teams and contributed to their products’ successes.

Zhanar Serikpayeva

Zhanar Serikpayeva

Creative Consultant, Etage Group

We needed help with mobile app development, data analytics, and beacon installation to be able to collect, store, and analyze our customer data. The finished application met the requirements perfectly, with the team finding an excellent solution to collect, analyze, and store customer data. They were highly professional throughout the work, always making themselves available, and responding well to any changes.

Kenny R. Lienhard

Kenny R. Lienhard

CTO, Medignition Inc

We wanted to implement a new education platform that offered online courses in finance. The scope focused on the implementation of multiple user interfaces. UpsilonIT used React, GraphQL, and GatsbyJS. UpsilonIT had strong coding skills. The app had a clean codebase and complied with all specifications. They complied with our requirements for the UI. We communicated daily via Slack.

Matt Wong

Matt Wong

CTO, Civic Connect

Upsilon’s work was always on time and met all customer expectations. Their team had an ease of communication but what was the most impressive about them is the integrity and work ethic of each member. We had a business manager, a lead architect, and a mix of senior and regular engineers. The workflow was extremely effective - the teams had a regular cadence for communication.

Dmitry Tsybin

Dmitry Tsybin

Director of Engineering, Carggo

Upsilon provided front- and backend development for an online logistics platform. The team designed and launched a business intelligence platform and ensured scalability according to customer requirements. We were most impressed by the technical background of the specialists, their meaningful approach to task accomplishment, and aspiration to deliver the results in due time. We’re also pleased with how fast the team started the development.

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Products We Helped to Get off the Ground, Grow, and Succeed

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1 month

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6 people

dev team


budget of the project

Case Logistics Dashboard

Art Collection Management Platform

10 years

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art collectors


acquired by

Case Art Collection Management Platform

Employee Engagement Dashboard

4 month

project's time-to-market

3 people

product team


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Case Engagement Dashboard

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Why We Are Different

Dedicated Partner That Shares Your Vision

We love diving deep into a project’s specifics, generating ideas, and testing hypotheses. With Upsilon, your startup will work with a reliable team that lives and breathes your product 24/7.

Senior Developers, Not Amateurs

Keeping abreast of modern technologies and following the best development practices and standards, we build products that truly change the game.

Quick Starters, Agile Riders

We understand your time is limited and have teams ready for deployment within 1-2 weeks. Adhering to agile practices, we help clients deliver value to their customers faster and with fewer headaches.

Uncompromising Achievers

With Upsilon, you can be 100% sure that your project will never be left halfway done down the road. We always work at full capacity, striving to help your product achieve all goals you have set.

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