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The logistics industry broadly adopts the latest technology to reduce inefficiencies and streamline operations. The software market for this domain grows at an unprecedented rate and is expected to be worth $2.33 billion during 2020-2024.

Several years ago the logistics industry was one of the slowest domains to embrace digital transformation. Carggo’s game-changing digital freight marketplace was among the first to pave the way for smarter freight shipping solutions. It gave 3PLs, freight forwarders, brokers, their shippers, and carriers the opportunity to avoid outdated approaches that dominated the industry for decades. Now, Carggo offers every player “a fair, reliable and scalable way to connect and do business”, as Mr Pevnzer, Co-Founder and President of Carggo LLC puts it.

Team UpsiloIT took part in the development of important modules of Carggo’s digital Logistics solution. We worked in close collaboration with the company’s core-team engineers.



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Our team was tasked with the development of the two platform’s parts: PriceFinder and Dashboard.

PriceFinder was envisioned as the service for booking freight trucks. Our task was to develop the following functionalities:

  • route selectionfreight
  • weight and dimensions
  • mode of transportation
  • date and time of freight loads and delivery

Based on this data, PriceFinder could do the following:

  • generate carrier rates and offerings with best prices per shipment instantly available
  • display routes consisting of several pickup and delivery points
  • process documents and shipping contract based on the incoming data.

One of the challenges was to develop the service that would make all the metrics automatically available online. We worked closely with Carggo’s in-house specialists to address this crucial requirement.

Our next task was to create a user-friendly Dashboard for 2PL and 3PL carriers. It was supposed to visualize all the operational data in a single-page view. The team of UpsilonIT was required to develop the visual part of the service based on the design prototype provided by the client. The challenge was to define the proper way to visualize market data in the logistics industry so that stakeholders could access it from one place.

It was crucial to have an overview of the following data:

  • visualization of US map with real-time tracking of of all transport lines
  • % of on-time pickups percentage and % of on-time deliveries
  • total number of shipping detentions in hours
  • tender acceptance rate
  • overview of the US Logistics market including total number of bookings, monetary value of the market, etc.

The Dashboard was supposed to represent the market data and update it automatically. For that purpose, it was decided to integrate the Aljex service into the back-end. The service allows businesses to access and operate the statistical data on market conditions for the Logistics industry.


The team of UpsiloIT consisted of 2 Front-end, 2 Back-end developers, 1 Quality Assurance specialist and 1 Project Manager. Our specialists were responsible for the development of Pricefinder and Dashboard and their testing.

Together with Carggo LLC specialists we decided to opt for the Agile methodology with one-week development sprints. We chose such an approach because it allowed us to get down to the development process faster and establish efficient communication.

One and a half months later it was decided to adopt a 2-week sprint model for the development process. Such an approach proved successful as it allowed us to cope with more tasks in one iteration. Besides, it removed pressure from the development team.

The development process was divided in two parts.

In the first one, our specialists were engaged in the development of PriceFinder for 5 month before it was launched in September, 2019. In the course of the development, we constantly received ongoing feedback from Carggo’s customers. Real-life data helped us to quickly adjust the development process so that it could meet user expectations.

PriceFinder release version included the following functions:

  • custom settings for generation of carrier offerings including route, truck, transportation mode, and time selection
  • module that generated rates and other carrier terms
  • module for automatic document collection
  • PriceFinder engine based on advanced algorithm that allows to price and tender loads immediately.

The second part of the project was devoted to the development of intelligent Dashboard that provided a real-time overview of US Logistics market. The service made it easy to discover live market conditions thanks to a special mode of data representation.

We used a widget approach to tackle the main challenge of the Dashboard - i.e. data visualization in a single-page view. This was the best-suited solution as it offered significant advantages:

  • the client can easily choose the type of data to be included
  • the client can customize widgets when needed (remove, add, filter, change their order, etc.)
  • the data is regularly updated thanks to seamless integration into Aljex.

Carggo Dashboard provides carriers with crucial data that makes operations more efficient. One can have easy access to:

  • routes with maximum load
  • current shipping volume in e.g. Nevada and its comparison to the previous month
  • % of on-time deliveries per each state, etc.


We delivered the full scope of work on time, which was a critical requirement from our client. Together with Carggo’s specialists, we launched the products in September, 2019. Both PriceFinder and Dashboard became available for users simultaneously.

Carggo LLC started to provide advanced digital Logistics services to its customers after the launch of the two software products. The tool allowed all parties to visualize disparate market data that serves to improve and streamline Logistics operations.

UpsiloIT’s collaboration with Carggo LLC contributed to our growth as a reliable Logistics software development partner. Our company received the highest accolades from our client.

Our experience in development of advanced solutions for Logistics industry can help reach any ambitious goals of your business in the Logistics domain.

Do you want to benefit from digital Logistics solutions to streamline operations and outperform competitors? Feel free to contact us via Get in touch form and discover how we can help the company just like yours!

UpsilonIT took part in the development of important modules of Carggo’s digital Logistics solution. We worked in close collaboration with the company’s core-team engineers.





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Kenny R. Lienhard

CTO, Medignition Inc

We wanted to implement a new education platform that offered online courses in finance. The scope focused on the implementation of multiple user interfaces. UpsilonIT used React, GraphQL, and GatsbyJS. UpsilonIT had strong coding skills. The app had a clean codebase and complied with all specifications. They complied with our requirements for the UI. We communicated daily via Slack.

Matt Wong

CTO, Civic Connect

Upsilon’s work was always on time and met all customer expectations. Their team had an ease of communication but what was the most impressive about them is the integrity and work ethic of each member. We had a business manager, a lead architect, and a mix of senior and regular engineers. The workflow was extremely effective - the teams had a regular cadence for communication.

Zhanar Serikpayeva

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We needed help with mobile app development, data analytics, and beacon installation to be able to collect, store, and analyze our customer data. The finished application met the requirements perfectly, with the team finding an excellent solution to collect, analyze, and store customer data. They were highly professional throughout the work, always making themselves available, and responding well to any changes.

Dmitry Tsybin

Director of Engineering, Carggo

Upsilon provided front- and backend development for an online logistics platform. The team designed and launched a business intelligence platform and ensured scalability according to customer requirements. We were most impressed by the technical background of the specialists, their meaningful approach to task accomplishment, and aspiration to deliver the results in due time. We’re also pleased with how fast the team started the development.

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