Data Visualization Services

Uncover crucial insights hidden in data your software operates with and help users quickly arrive at winning decisions through custom data visualization solutions delivered by Upsilon.

Turn to our data visualization services to reimagine large and complex datasets on visually accessible interactive dashboards and reports. Enable your customers to analyze data in the minimum time and get comprehensive answers to specific questions promptly and efficiently.

Data Visualization Introduction
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Data Visualization Services We Offer

Whether you need to develop a full-fledged data analytics platform from scratch or enhance your software product with an intelligent dashboard, our data visualization company is ready to bring its expertise to the table.

At Upsilon, we have plenty of hands-on experience in embedding analytical and data visualization capabilities into B2B, B2C solutions, and internal applications streamlining processes and operations within the organizations. Businesses can boost the value of their high-tech products by giving end-users ways to perform their own analyses, including trend spotting, pattern identification, monitoring of goals and results, essential metrics tracking, etc. Our data visualization solutions deliver a consistent experience for different user groups, from expert data analysts to information consumers without BI backgrounds. Your business can be 100% sure that every component of your platform - from responsive UI design to complex functional modules and integrations with third-party services will be delivered in time with the highest possible quality.

Here’s what we can do:

Provide Your End-Users with Powerful Dashboards & Reports

Embed analytics and build custom, highly-personalized dashboards and reports within your app with Upsilon’s data visualization services.

Satisfy users’ informational needs by enabling them to quickly monitor metrics and draw conclusions with data visualizations.

Rebuild Existing Analytics within Your Applications

By powering your application with the capabilities of, we can rebuild existing analytics pages within your product making them more productive and upscale-looking.

By separating functionality into modules, we can effectively optimize analytical and data visualization features to ensure their flawless, fast performance.

Enhance Your Internal Software with Data Visualizations

Leverage Upsilon’s expertise in data visualization consulting to upgrade your existing internal software with analytics and visualizations.

Let each business unit and team member perform their own analyses, create benchmarks, and apply proprietary analytics to their data. The level of data access can be limited depending on the user’s role.

Explore how we build data visualizations with

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Types Of Data Visualization Solutions We Create

Choosing the right types of data visualizations is crucial in preventing your business information from becoming lost or misunderstood. With our advanced data visualization services, including a host of styling and customization options, we enable you to make your dashboards and reports as appealing as possible to the people being presented with your data.

Select best-suited visualizations or combination of them based on what kind of data you need to show:

Line charts illustration
Line charts
Bar charts illustration
Bar charts
Pie charts illustration
Pie charts
Funnel charts illustration
Funnel charts
Gantt charts illustration
Gantt charts
Scatter plots illustration
Scatter plots
Treemaps illustration
Density maps illustration
Density maps
Geospatial visualizations illustration
Geospatial visualizations
Pivot tables illustration
Pivot tables

Our Data Visualization Services In Practice

Explore our recent projects to find out how Upsilon’s data visualization solutions can bring tangible value to your business by converting data into a competitive edge.

Reporting for a Workplace Giving Platform illustration

Reporting for a Workplace Giving Platform

All-in-one platform that helps companies engage employees by empowering them to donate time, money, and skills to nonprofits they care about.

Regular and ad-hoc reporting to:

Visualization Solution for a AI-powered Art Marketplace

A global fine art marketplace that offers real-time, data-driven art market analysis, peer-to-peer selling, and industry news.This extension allows teams and individuals to access their Q&A knowledge base from any page in the browser.

Visualization Solution for a AI-powered Art Marketplace illustration
Customizable Reports and Dashboards illustration

Customizable Reports and Dashboards for a Collection Management Platform

A secure, visual, and comprehensive tool allowing collectors and art institutions to organize, track, and care for their collections on one private platform.

BI Solutions for a Digital Freight Fulfillment Platform

AI-fueled freight fulfillment platform empowering thousands of 3PLs, freight forwarders, brokers, shippers, and carriers to make shipping smarter, faster, and more transparent.

BI Solutions for a Digital Freight Fulfillment Platform illustration

Need data visualization consulting?

Spending too much time on data collection, compilation, and analysis? Have critical information scattered across diverse sources? Apply for Upsilon’s data visualization consulting services and get your problems solved within a short time.

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Technologies We Use for Data Visualization Solutions

Backends we can integrate with


Infrastructure we use


Visualization libraries


How You Can Benefit from Our Data Visualization Services

When building or improving data-powered software - be it a business intelligence platform development or data analytics feature implementation, companies encounter a number of difficulties along the way. By amplifying your initiatives with end-to-end data visualization services, Upsilon’s specialists will help you solve the following problems:

SQL code organization

With modern BI tools, we will free your tech team from the nightmare of SQL query maintenance. Our experts will arm you with efficient data modeling to help you measure core metrics and track KPIs without effort.


Having spent thousands of hours working with modern analytics services, we know how to achieve adequate time to insight by optimizing the way you manage big data.

Access сontrol

Upsilon’s specialists will ensure the secure access to your data across all downstream data-consuming applications through effective caching and access control management.


We can provide all the necessary infrastructure and implement related functionality to let your every application access consistent data via REST, SQL, and GraphQL APIs.

UX/UI design

Leveraging the capabilities of modern UI libraries for data visualization, we can deliver custom UI of any complexity for your dashboards and reports by applying the most appropriate data visualization techniques.

Modular framework

As a result, you will get a modular framework for data visualization creation which would be easily customized and quickly scaled up by your in-house tech team.

Why tap into Upsilon’s data visualization consulting services

By choosing Upsilon as a data visualization development company, you get a reliable tech partner who will assist you in:

  • Organizing and composing data from multiple data sources
  • Integrating data analytics functionality into your existing product
  • Exploring and interpreting your data. Adjusting its graphical output to the requirements of end-users
  • Creating highly informative reports and dashboards by choosing the appropriate data visualization formats and types
  • Presenting data to your customers in a visually appealing and intuitive manner
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is data visualization?

Data visualization is the graphical representation of datasets and information. Interactive data visualizations provide businesses with an accessible way to see and understand trends, uncover patterns, track outliers, etc.

What are data visualization services?

At Upsilon, we offer a suite of data visualization services that encompass the creation of custom pixel-perfect reports and interactive dashboards, bespoke data analytics and BI solution development, and improvement of existing visualizations. Our data visualization solutions will facilitate your decision making process by providing you with valuable business insights extracted from raw and scattered data.

What are the techniques of data visualization?

To succeed in presenting data effectively, you must select the right data visualization techniques taking into account your business goals, audience, and the specifics of your project. Here are the common types of data visualizations:

  • Charts
  • Plots
  • Maps
  • Timelines
  • Pivot tables
  • Diagrams
  • Matrices

and more