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Tap into Upsilon’s browser extension development services to create secure, fast-performing, and highly-customized software units that will provide your end-users and team members with top-notch browsing experience.

With browser extensions you will not only make the user-browser interaction more efficient and organized, but also add tangible value to your business without making substantial investments in terms of software development.

Сustom Extensions for Every Browser

When it comes to browser extension development, companies are firstly faced with the question: which web browser to choose for deployment? According to StatCounter, Google’s Chrome is the leading internet browser in the world - and it’s not surprising. With a robust feature set, full Google Account integration and a thriving extension ecosystem - the Chrome Web Store - Chrome is still king.

Whether you need an extension for Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Opera or even a cross-browser solution - our consultants and engineers are ready to back up all your initiatives. But if you are aimed at expanding to the widest audience and maximizing revenue potential, Chrome extension development is an option you’d better consider first.

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Types of Browser Extensions We Develop

Today, the business demand for browser extension development is booming. With the launch of the open marketplaces like the Chrome Web Store, new easy-to-approach channels for product distribution were developed. Moreover, the entire business models revolving around Chrome extension development have been established and proven their сommercial effectiveness.

Keeping in sync with your project’s specifics, our team of developers can help you build a product with high revenue generating potential to let you leverage the power of browser extension stores. Here are the types of solutions we can deliver:

By functional purpose:

Enhancing or complementing a website
Letting users show their personality
Adding or removing content from web pages
Adding tools and new browsing features

By category based on feature set:

Quick navigation
Website search
Password managers
Screen recording and screenshot capturing

By type of interaction with a browser:

Interacting with web pages in a browser
Not interacting with web pages in a browser

we also build:

Our Featured Work in Browser Extensions Development

Check out our recent projects to get some inspiration on how you can deliver an intuitive, natural-feeling browsing experience to your end-users and team members with custom browser extensions.

ToDoBot Browser Extension

ToDoBot browser extension

This extension allows you to view and manage all your team’s Slack to-dos right in Chrome.

OneBar browser extension

This extension allows teams and individuals to access their Q&A knowledge base from any page in the browser.

OneBar Browser Extension
LiveArt Browser Extension

LiveArt browser extension

This extension allows collection owners and art institutions to get instant market data and real-time estimations for lots being auctioned.

Harness the power of browser extensions with Upsilon

Already explored the Chrome Web Store and didn’t find a ready-made solution to facilitate your business operations? Upsilon’s team is ready to offer its Chrome browser extension development expertise to meet your specific needs.

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Technologies We Use for Browser Extension Development


Upsilon Python
Upsilon Django
Upsilon Node JS
Node JS
Upsilon FastAPI


Upsilon React


Amazon Web Services
Upsilon Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Platform
Upsilon Digital Ocean
Digital Ocean

How Your Business Can Benefit from Browser Extension Development

Forrester’s study reports that business users spend about 75% of their workday working in a web browser. There is no doubt that businesses will continue to use browsers as a critical part of their workspace, and, as a consequence, the demand for the functionality making user-browser interaction more personalized, effective, and facile will rapidly increase. With browser extension development services, these needs can be satisfied without significant investment. Take a closer look at benefits your business can gain from building such kind of software:

Improving Productivity

By implementing browser extensions into routine work processes, owners as well as employees can boost their productivity by saving time. For example, a time tracker can help your team optimize the work capacity and set clear objectives. Also, you can use extensions to keep all your data neatly structured, schedule emails to be replied later, mark content to be read later, etc.

Streamlining Project Management:

Empowered by browser extensions, team collaboration can be much more effective. From customizing to rearranging tasks according to your needs, setting reminders, scheduling chat sessions, monitoring the deadlines and managing every other fundamental throughout the project lifecycle - browser extensions сan remarkably enhance your ability to deliver.

Organizing and Decluttering

Browser extensions can help put in order your data, applications, and tools you use in your daily work to prevent you from time and resource loss. With custom chrome extensions like to-do lists, action plans, and team calendars, you can organize your workspace properly and effectively and earn a healthy edge in business.

Creating a New Product Distribution Channel

Companies like Honey or Grammarly, whose valuation exceeds billions of dollars, sell their software solutions exclusively through open marketplaces like Chrome Web Store. By publishing your browser extension on such a marketplace, you’ll get an incredible channel that will help you expand to a global audience while generating a consistent source of income at minimum time.

Why to develop a browser extension with Upsilon

When partnering with our browser extension development company, you pick a team of professionals who will help you:

  • Figure out a unique point that will sell your browser extension;
  • Engage user persona research and user journey mapping;
  • Define core functionalities of your future extension;
  • Ensure your solution meets the highest security standards and protects user’s privacy;
  • Elaborate on the best-suited monetization strategy;
  • Bring your extension to the market within an agreed timeline.
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What are browser extensions?

Browser extensions or plugins are smart software programs that customize browsing experiences by providing additional functionality. They can help automate certain functions in the browser, modify user behavior, and improve your software’s convenience.

What are browser extensions examples?

Browser extensions offer plenty of smart functionality with just one click. These pieces of software allow companies to increase productivity, reduce distractions, improve content sourcing — all in the comfort of an Internet browser. Here are the examples of most popular browser extensions for business:

How much does it cost to develop a browser extension?

The cost of the final solution depends on different factors: the browser your extension will run inside (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or, for example, Safari), the way it will interact with the browser, the complexity of its functionality and UI/UX design, etc. So, it's necessary to work on the project scope before deciding on a budget.

If you have already defined a core list of features of your future browser extension, contact our browser extension development company and they will provide you with an accurate project estimation.

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ThoughtSpotLiveArtCargGoCollectriumMake it Donate

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David Letourneau

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