Custom mobile applications

Together, we will achieve your business goals, faster. Our full-cycle mobile apps development services provide an answer to unique challenges and needs. We’ve ensured success for clients from various industries and domains and have a proven track record of successful projects. We put your needs first, delivering rich features at the right time and providing full maintenance & support services. UpsilonIT is ready to create superior mobile experiences with a professional approach to product strategy, design, development, and launching.

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Putting your needs first

We build mobile applications that go beyond expectations.

Great usability

Drive satisfaction and improve conversions. Let users quickly achieve their goals creating a seamless error-free mobile experience

Rich features

Enrich your app with amazing features that your users need the most

High performance

Benefit from on-demand scalability without crashes or freezes. We know how to create high-performing mobile apps that deliver


Beat local competitors in your target market. Real-time tracking helps to personalize user experience and deliver the content that converts

What we offer

Cross-platform development

Cross-platform application development has become a silver bullet for those willing to have an edge over the competition. UpsilonIT helps companies to bring this strategy to life with the market’s hottest cross-platform technologies. We are world-class experts in React Native development and continue to accumulate expertise in that area.

  • Truly native UI
    React Native let you create a definitely native look and feel of your new mobile application
  • Live updates
    We can immediately update the app directly on users’ devices without re-publishing them to the store. Thus, we accelerate the feedback cycle and deliver the right features faster
  • Cost-effective
    Opting for React Native development is one of the most beneficial investments into your business. You save time and money receiving top-grade mobile solutions simultaneously on iOS and Android

The key mobile apps types that we build

  • Enterprise mobile apps
    We craft trusted mobile apps that connect customers and workers and streamline workflows
  • Payment Integrations
    Solutions for integrating popular or custom-built payment services within mobile apps
  • Geo-service apps
    We help personalize customer journeys for clients in logistics, retail, healthcare, and other domains
  • Wearable solutions
    Efficient mobile development solutions for wearable devices
  • Mobile camera apps
    Mobile solutions that boost and utilize device capabilities including cameras and related hardware

Technologies we utilize

As an expert mobile development company, we stay on the same page with the latest trends. That is why we prefer to use React Native cross-platform frameworks. Such an approach helps speed up time-to-market and deliver progressive cost-efficient mobile solutions for our clients.

From a variety of programming languages for the back-end, we turn to Python with Django, Flask, and Falcon frameworks.

We empower our web app solutions with elaborate UX/UI that help create a truly great mobile user experience.

Our QA experts provide all types of mobile testing to ensure the high quality and stable performance of your mobile app.

Our development process

Clarify and set project requirements
Create a system design and UX/UI wireframes
Define and prioritize development tasks, create a backlog, prioritize all the tasks and provide estimates
Select the tasks from the top of the backlog for a 2-week sprint cycle
Deliver sprint results and iterate based on the feedback
Finally, deploy the project after all goals were met

Our projects


Collection Management Software for Art and Culture

Collection Management Software for Art and Culture

Dashboard for the Employee Engagement Platform

Dashboard for the Employee Engagement Platform

Charity Donation Platform

Charity Donation Platform
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