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Upsilon is a reliable tech partner with proven experience in building responsive and innovative mobile apps. We will help you make a unique, highly-customized mobile solution that responds to the market challenges while meeting your business objectives and overall strategy.

Leveraging our company's core strength and strategic approach to mobile application development, we support you from a discovery phase to deployment, treating your app launch as our own.

Highlights of Our Custom Mobile Apps

We develop, customize, and implement all kinds of features to build the best possible application that best serves your brand and caters to your missions.

Excellent usability

Make users happy with mobile experiences that exceed expectations. Be sure - while using your app, the users will find it easy to attain their objectives. Your app will be error-free and work as expected.

Rich features

Delight your users with an abundant set of features and offer even more. We’ve got the expertise in building mobile applications that keep users engaged and win the place on the home pages of their devices.

Top performance

We build troubleproof, blazing-fast mobile apps optimized in terms of response time, screen rendering, crashes, and energy consumption. We know how to minimize the chances for users to be frustrated by the app performance.

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What We Offer

Cross-platform Mobile App Development

Cross-platform Mobile App Development

Cross-platform application development became a silver bullet for businesses willing to win the competition. Upsilon helps companies bring this strategy to life with React Native. Here are the reasons why you should consider to use this technology for your next mobile application:

  • Truly native UI
    React Native lets you develop interactive and user-friendly interfaces without compromising your users’ experiences. Your mobile app will truly have native look and feel.
  • Live updates
    An application built with React Native can be updated over-the-air - directly on users’ devices. That accelerates the feedback gathering cycle and allows to deliver customer value faster.
  • Cost-effective
    By opting for React Native technology, you can save time and money receiving top-grade mobile solutions simultaneously on iOS and Android.

Types of Mobile Applications We Build

  • Internal Business Mobile Apps
    Upsilon helps businesses streamline their internal processes, increase productivity, automate workflows, and gain more visibility & control with 360° secure, innovative, high-performing mobile solutions.
  • Marketplace Apps
    Applying our experience with designing and developing marketplaces, we bring businesses and customers to a single ecosystem on different levels (B2B, B2C, or C2C) and help them to get the most out of commercial interaction with each other.
  • Industry-Specific Mobile Apps
    From Logistics and Healthcare to Retail and Entertainment, Upsilon helps companies from a wide range of business verticals develop end-to-end mobile solutions tailored to their specific business needs.
  • Geo-service Mobile Apps
    By leveraging our expertise in GPS, GSM, BLE, and other location-based technologies, you can enrich your business value with navigation, tracking, shipping & delivery mobile solutions.
Types of Mobile Applications We Build

Technologies We Use for Mobile App Development

As a leading provider of mobile application development services, UpsilonIT always picks the most advanced technologies to ensure that every part of the solution, from the back-end to user interface design, will be delivered according to the front-rank industry practices.

We thoroughly explore the specifics of each business and apply the most optimal combination of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and tools to nail your project needs.


Upsilon Python
Upsilon Django
Upsilon Node JS
Node JS
Upsilon FastAPI


Upsilon React
Upsilon React
React Native
Upsilon Expo


Upsilon Amazon EC2
Amazon EC2
Upsilon AWS CloudFront
AWS CloudFront
Upsilon Amazon S3
Amazon S3
Upsilon Amazon RDS
Amazon RDS
Upsilon AWS Lambda
AWS Lambda
Upsilon Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Platform

Our projects

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Agile mobile App Development Process

From the discovery phase through design, development, QA, and maintenance, we follow a low-risk mobile app development process underpinned by continuous delivery and seamless integration into the client’s release cycle.

Discovery & Planning

In the discovery phase, we explore your business objectives, conduct market analysis, and plan how your mobile app can effectively tackle user needs and create engagement.

After that, we help you translate your requirements into a feature list, choose the optimal tech stack and plan key project milestones.


We start to bring your project to life by establishing user personas, flows, and journey maps and then creating compelling and aesthetically pleasing user interfaces that will engage and delight users while driving conversions and strengthening the customer-company relationship.


Our developers will leverage their experience and skills to work out the optimal mobile solution architecture and deliver all required functionality. We will apply cutting-edge technologies and implement most advanced integrations to provide the best app performance, connectivity, and scalability.


We make sure the code we develop is clean, effective, and free of bugs through continuous testing. We test your product using multiple rounds of testing, including automated and manual testing and functional and UI/UX testing.


On the deployment stage, we configure CI/CD, prepare a clean, complete build of the app, and release it for internal testing. Once all tests have been successfully passed, we create a product version of the app ready to be deployed at the marketplaces.


Through continuous performance monitoring and bug-fixing, analyzing customer feedback, adjusting to new versions of mobile operating systems, and implementing new features, we ensure your mobile app will deliver a stunning user experience 24/7/365.


Iterative development creates the conditions for quicker improvements and faster releases, contributing to early value delivery while ensuring stable and error-free functioning of the mobile solution.

These Companies Trust Upsilon

Zhanar Serikpayeva

Zhanar Serikpayeva

Creative Consultant, Etage Group

We needed help with mobile app development, data analytics, and beacon installation to be able to collect, store, and analyze our customer data. The finished application met the requirements perfectly, with the team finding an excellent solution to collect, analyze, and store customer data. They were highly professional throughout the work, always making themselves available, and responding well to any changes.

Kenny R. Lienhard

Kenny R. Lienhard

CTO, Medignition Inc

We wanted to implement a new education platform that offered online courses in finance. The scope focused on the implementation of multiple user interfaces. UpsilonIT used React, GraphQL, and GatsbyJS. UpsilonIT had strong coding skills. The app had a clean codebase and complied with all specifications. They complied with our requirements for the UI. We communicated daily via Slack.

Matt Wong

Matt Wong

CTO, Civic Connect

Upsilon’s work was always on time and met all customer expectations. Their team had an ease of communication but what was the most impressive about them is the integrity and work ethic of each member. We had a business manager, a lead architect, and a mix of senior and regular engineers. The workflow was extremely effective - the teams had a regular cadence for communication.

Dmitry Tsybin

Dmitry Tsybin

Director of Engineering, Carggo

Upsilon provided front- and backend development for an online logistics platform. The team designed and launched a business intelligence platform and ensured scalability according to customer requirements. We were most impressed by the technical background of the specialists, their meaningful approach to task accomplishment, and aspiration to deliver the results in due time. We’re also pleased with how fast the team started the development.

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