Marketplace Development

Upsilon helps businesses build full-featured two-sided marketplaces that connect manufacturers, sellers, and buyers via centralized commercial hubs.

Leverage our expertise in marketplace development and unleash the power of network effects to trigger the exponential growth of your customer base, conversion rates, average transaction value, and, as a result, your business profitability.

Build a Multi-Vendor Marketplace with Upsilon

Building a two-sided marketplace platform is a mutually beneficial decision for all parties ā€“ customers, merchants, and the platform owner. Customers get access to a huge variety of products from multiple vendors. Manufacturers and sellers can achieve a large consumer outreach, raise their brand awareness, and boost sales. Marketplace owners generate profit through implementing monetization whether it сan be a subscription-based, commission, or flat payment model.

When it comes to creating a multi-vendor marketplace, you have a variety of opportunities. You can foster the competencies in-house or team up with Upsilon ā€“ an experienced marketplace development company.

Our Marketplace Development Services

Building a marketplace is a multi-step process which is not equal to launching a basic online store that can hardly be distinguished from an army of clones. At Upsilon, we provide a comprehensive array of marketplace development services to help you create a full-fledged solution that could become a potential game changer for your business.

Your business can be 100% sure that every component of your platform - from responsive UI design to complex functional modules and integrations with third-party services will be delivered in time with the highest possible quality.

Marketplace Website Development

If you are going to build a two-sided marketplace, a website will always be at its core.

Bank on our web development expertise and develop a site with outstanding UI and UX, increased scalability, custom integrations, and advanced functionality powered by Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things.

Mobile Marketplace Development

With mobile devices everywhere, customers want to access online stores directly from the palm of their hands via mobile apps.

Through powerful marketplace mobile applications we provide users with seamless shopping experience regardless of their device, screen resolution, and operating system.

UI/UX Design

We design visually appealing interfaces that encourage user engagement, nurture brand affinity, and increase a marketplaceā€™s competitive advantage.

Secure Payment Gateways

Integrate a payment gateway into your marketplace app to enable real-time transactions all over the globe. With such tools like Stripe, PayPal, Braintree you will automate payment processing and increase data security on your platform.


Take advantage of our managed DevOps services to accelerate the integration of new features into your marketplace and ensure fast and continuous delivery of updates to end users.

Quality Assurance

By combining well-tuned QA processes and sophisticated performance tracking tools, we ensure the stability, security and error-free functioning of your marketplace application.

we also build:

Our Featured Work in Marketplace App Development

We provide end-to-end marketplace development services that help our customers gain a competitive edge, streamline business workflows, and underpin a growing user base. Explore the highlight of our portfolio - a custom full-featured marketplace, harnessing the power of AI and providing instant art market data, price history, comparable works, and real-time estimates.

AI-powered Art Marketplace from Upsilon

AI-powered Art Marketplace

A global fine art marketplace that offers real time, data-driven art market analysis, peer-to-peer selling, and industry news.

Features Your Marketplace Might Require

Turn to our marketplace app development services to create a custom solution with a unique blend of features covering all aspects of marketplace administration and multi-vendor management.

From user authorization and content management to in-depth performance analytics and customer care, a marketplace application delivered by Upsilon will help you attract buyers and vendors globally, and reach your aspiring business goals.

Marketplace administration

User and account management
Product category and listing management
Content management
Offers and discounts management

Multi-vendor management

Vendor onboarding
Personalized commissions and fees
Vendor administration
Automated billing management
Sign up/Log in
Product creation, upload and deletion
Product parameters updating
Multi-language support
Price and discount management
Currency settings
Messaging and chatting
Automated booking, ordering, payment processing, delivery and order fulfillment tracking
Payment management
Performance analytics: visualizations and reports
Sign up/Log in
Search and filtering engine
Favorites, wishlists, and collections
Ratings and reviews
Online shopping cart
Order management: booking, tracking, canceling, and history
Messaging and chatting
Personal offerings and recommendations
Questions and answers database

Have a marketplace application on your company roadmap?

Whether you want to build a marketplace from scratch, reshape the existing one, or need consultancy regarding your marketplace business idea, we are the right fit for you.

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Technologies We Use for Marketplace Development

Taking into consideration the purpose and complexity of your future platform, we choose the most suitable and cutting-edge programming languages, frameworks, and integrations to ensure that all functionality will be delivered according to requirements, in time, and without overruns.

Combined with our mature development process, these suite of tools help us create secure, scalable, and high-competitive marketplace applications.


Upsilon Python
Upsilon Django
Upsilon Node JS
Node JS
Upsilon FastAPI


Upsilon React
Upsilon React
React Native
Upsilon Next JS
Next JS
Upsilon Gatsby


Amazon Web Services
Upsilon Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Platform
Upsilon Digital Ocean
Digital Ocean


Google Analytics

Why to create an online marketplace with Upsilon

By choosing Upsilon as a partner for a two-sided marketplace launch you pick a team of professionals who will help you:

  • Analyze the competition and shape a competitive advantage;
  • Elaborate and set up a monetization model;
  • Choose a tech stack best-suited for your business scope;
  • Deliver the required functionality in time and within the budget;
  • Implement payment gateways and other third-party integrations;
  • Monitor platformā€™s performance and ensure its stability and security;
  • Roll out improvements and new features continuously.
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Web Application with Upsilon

Marketplace Development Process at Upsilon

From marketplaceā€™s type definition and business model determination to engineering and continuous post-launch support, Upsilon will take care of you throughout the project lifecycle. Being an experienced marketplace development company, we elaborated a mature process that will help you stay within budget, prove product-market fit, gain competitive advantages, and, as a result, boost your business growth.

Discovery & Business Analysis

  • Marketplaceā€™s type definition
  • Market and audience analysis
  • Business model determination
  • Requirements gathering
  • Identifying core features
  • Picking the tech stack

Product Design

  • Mapping out the user journey
  • Wireframes creation
  • Prototyping
  • UX and UI design

Product (or MVP) Development

  • Building an architecture and infrastructure configuring
  • Coding: feature development
  • Third-party API integration
  • Code review


  • Test cases creation
  • Manual testing
  • Automated testing
  • Issues detection and bug fixing
  • Performing regression testing
  • Tests results reporting

Deployment and Release

  • Marketplaceā€™s release version creation
  • Publishing

Post-launch Activities

  • User behavior and feedback analysis
  • Performance monitoring
  • Product-market fit evaluation
  • Maintenance and support
  • Ongoing improvement and enhancement


How do multi-vendor marketplaces work?

At its core, a multi-vendor marketplace is a platform where vendors can come together to sell their products or services to a curated customer base. Platform solutions of this type (they are often called ā€œtwo-sided marketplacesā€) can offer ample choices to the customer and high volume growth to vendors. The best part about marketplaces is the network effect. This means more buyers lead to more sellers, leading to more buyers, and so on. Once such a system sets in, it creates a great advantage for a company.

What is a marketplace example?

In fact, there are now hundreds of marketplaces you could potentially leverage to reach new customers. The most well-known examples are:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • Wish
  • Etsy
  • Alibaba
  • Google Express

There are also niche online marketplaces like Bonanza and Fruugo, fashion-focused marketplaces such as Zalando and Fullbeauty, bargain-focused marketplaces such as Tophatter, and the list goes on.

How much does it cost to create a custom marketplace?

It should be understood that calculations at the initial stage can never be precise. Basically, the cost of custom marketplace development is defined by such factors as the projectā€™s complexity and location of the marketplace development company. For example, if you decide to outsource your marketplace project to an IT company from Eastern Europe, the price for a fully-fledged solution will vary between $50Kā€“$250K. At the same time, a marketplace solution created by developers from Western Europe will cost you approximately $100Kā€“$500K. Finally, if you decide to turn to a US-based firm, be ready to spend no less than $250Kā€“$900K.

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