SaaS Application Development Services

Taking advantage of the SaaS flexibility and scalability, Upsilon will help your company boost its bottom line with a robust solution functioning on a subscription basis or any business model you choose.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a subscription-based distribution model with centralized hosting. SaaS model has become one of the most budget-friendly and widely used business strategies for launching new software products.

Whether you need to develop certain SaaS components like APIs or implement integrations like Stripe, our SaaS developers are at your service.

SaaS Application Introduction
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Tech & Cross-Industry Experts

Since 2012, we have been developing SaaS solutions of any scale and complexity across a broad range of verticals including Art, Healthcare, Logistics, eCommerce, and others.

Our professional SaaS development team combines the latest know-hows with well-proven practices to deliver technologically advanced and secure SaaS products tailored to our clients’ requirements.

SaaS Products in Business Portfolio

We know firsthand how to design, build, implement and deploy fail-safe SaaS as we have successfully launched and continue maintaining and enhancing our own products. We have a deep comprehension of the specifics of the SaaS and, as the product owners, we always look beyond ‘blind coding’ when working on clients’ projects.

Image for knowledge management platform

Knowledge Management Platform

A platform that helps your team to collect valuable internal information and access it anywhere.

Task Management App for Slack

A productivity and task tracking app that allows individuals and teams organize, and prioritize their tasks without leaving Slack.

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Fast Customization and Integration

Custom development means less compromising on functionality. If your SaaS solution faces any tech or business challenges, Upsilon is always ready to address them with custom features and integrations. Our SaaS development specialists and consultants can join your team at any stage of the product life cycle to offer their insight on:

Integrations our clients benefit from:

Our SaaS Development Services

With our end-to-end approach to SaaS product development, your business can be 100% sure that every component required for a SaaS solution will be delivered. Our team of well-versed engineers and consultants are ready to help you with development and implementation of:

Web, Mobile and Desktop Apps

Whatever platform you target - web, mobile, desktop or all three of them - our team can build a SaaS app of any complexity and covering all the features you require.

Product Website

We design and build highly personalized, user-friendly and full-featured product websites that help your business build deeper relationship with its audience.

API Development

Our back-end development team will help you build an API that will scale on demand, perform fast, and provide secure and reliable data storage for your SaaS.


By setting up CI/CD pipelines, our team will allow you to make more frequent improvements to your product and efficiently test and deploy those changes.

Build & Deployment System

By leveraging the advantages of Docker and Kubernetes, we create systems that allow to automate and speed up the process of application building, deployment, scaling, and management.

Third-party Integrations

From connecting external data sources to integrating payment gateways, we help you connect your SaaS app with 3rd party solutions.

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We are ready for challenges of any scale and complexity. Take a closer look at our service portfolio to find out how Upsilon can help you unlock the power of new tech and speed up your digital transformation.

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Features That Your Product Might Require

Depending on the specifics of your SaaS, our team can enhance it with the custom set of features. An MVP for a startup or an enterprise-grade solution, we are ready to leverage all available tools to make sure your app looks and behaves exactly as you envisioned. Here are the features we can quickly and seamlessly implement:

Payment system

Embed payments and financial services into your product. If you want to accept all types of online payments within your platform, Stripe is the best choice.

Interactive dashboards

Explore and visualize your data through interactive dashboards. From simple line charts to multicomponent visualizations based on big data - with the help of Cube and Retool we will get you covered.

User management

Manage teams and individual profiles within your SaaS application on an ongoing basis. Configure your application to identify, authenticate, and authorize all users depending on the amount of access they’ve paid or need.

Role Based Access Control

Separate privileges and access levels by user role. Enable application admins to limit the permissions of users.

Reporting & analytics

Explore and track how your business is performing against key goals. We can help you stay in control by giving you visibility into your most important data, metrics and KPIs.

Single sign-on

Provide your users with a quick and secure way to log in and access multiple apps, services or data with only one suite of credentials.

Opt for a Right Pricing Model

One of the biggest decisions that SaaS businesses have to make involves choosing a pricing model. As a company having several own SaaS products in its portfolio, Upsilon can help you elaborate a pricing model that will provide the right balance between value and revenue - your ability to help customers and be fairly compensated for that help. Finding such balance should help you identify the optimum way to market, sell and grow your business.

Here are the most popular SaaS pricing models:

  • Freemium (ad-supported)
  • Usage-based (pay as you go)
  • User-based
  • Per active user
  • Flat rate
  • Feature-based
  • Tiered
  • Hybrid

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SaaS development company?

A SaaS development company is an organization that provides cloud-based software to customers on a subscription-based or a flat rate model.

SaaS companies may build, maintain, update and deliver their software by themselves, or they can delegate the development of their product to an outsourcing tech partner while focusing on hosting, distribution, and customer support.

What are SaaS application development services?

SaaS application development services cover the creation of documentation, design, development, testing, and maintenance of software solutions with multi-tenant architecture, their hosting in the cloud, and deployment on the servers.

How to build a SaaS application?

Basically, the process of SaaS application development includes the following stages:

  • Ideation, the definition of the value the SaaS will bring to users, and USP formulation
  • Outlining the primary functionalities
  • Selection of the tech stack
  • Determination of a most suitable pricing model
  • Hiring a reliable SaaS development company

How much does it cost to develop a SaaS application?

Based on the estimate and our experience, we can say that the cost of a SaaS application will start from $50,000. Here we talk about the subscription functionality, which is the core of the SaaS product. The price of a complete, fully-featured solution will be around $150,000-200,000 and more.

To get a closer look at the SaaS cost breakdown, please read our SaaS Application Development Guide.