Dashboard for the Employee Engagement Platform

An employee engagement dashboard for the SaaS platform that makes it easy for businesses to track and collect information on how their employees donate, volunteer, and engage for social impact. This interactive dashboard and reporting provided the employee engagement platform with a comprehensive way of data visualization and analysis.

Dashboard for the Employee Engagement Platform

Key Project Numbers AND Facts

4 Months


3 Team Members

  • 2 front-end developers
  • 1 project manager


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The vast amount of analytical information gathered from different sources can turn either into valuable insights for your future business decisions or a useless jumble of data. One of the reasons for difficult-to-comprehend data is the absence of data visualization. Visual information is much easier to perceive than text or row numbers, so data visualization mod becomes leverage businesses can use to their advantage and get a fresh look at the endless lists of economic indicators and customer reports.

The customer asked us to develop a customizable dashboard with the possibility to visualize large amounts of data in charts, tables, diagrams, density maps, etc. Another important thing is to provide users with the ability to generate reports with predefined filters. So each user would be able to create individual insights that visualize the required information.


Our client is the YCombinator-backed company on the Series A funding round. Therefore, this solution needed to be delivered fast to increase the time-to-market of the digital employee engagement platform.

Upsilon developers were challenged to build a fully customizable and interactive dashboard and reporting for the employee engagement system. The solution consists of several main parts intended for data discovery, its further transformation, visualization, or extraction. And as a result, this will allow companies to collect and analyze data about their employees’ actions.

An employee engagement dashboard needs to be responsive so that users can choose all data visualization solutions they need and integrate with one another, move those blocks to any place and change their size. At the same time, there needs to be a dependency between a dashboard and a data source to maintain data when supplementing a dashboard. Therefore, we added data versioning to the interface.

For better visualization, we integrated Nivo Chart, which provides a rich set of data visualization components like charts and tables. Users can filter all data by location, department, date, etc.

Our development team also provided the data reporting solution. We used Puppeteer technology to generate data reports with custom filters. There is a common set of fields for each dashboard, and the amount of data displayed can be narrowed or expanded by changing the filter. Generated reports can be downloaded in PDF format.

To create a neat and intuitive user interface for the employee engagement dashboard, we used React. For organizing and processing large portions of data from the server, we decided to choose Cube.dev.


Our development team has broad experience in providing custom data visualization services that allows us to deliver solutions in time and meet all requirements. The customer got an employee engagement dashboard and reporting that can be fully customized based on the data users want to include and the visualization type. The developed interface allows users to:

  • Collect and track employee engagement analytics
  • Create interactive dashboards and separate charts
  • Narrow down the data segment for each chart
  • Use different types of data visualization solutions
  • Generate and edit reports

If you get filled under difficult-to-comprehend data gathered from many different sources, unable to make data-driven decisions, data visualization solutions give perspective. Turn endless lists of row numbers and texts into visually accessible interactive dashboards and reports to save your time and get comprehensive insights for future decisions.

Contact us, and we will walk you through the data visualization services we offer and make sure you get the best custom solution for your business needs.



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