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Software developers
UX/UI designers
Product managers
QA specialists
* We provide a free trial: your fee will be $0 if you aren’t satisfied with the first 2 weeks of work.

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Upsilon Python
Upsilon Django
Upsilon Node JS
Node JS
Upsilon FastAPI


Upsilon React
Upsilon Next JS
Next JS
Upsilon Gatsby

Mobile app developers

Upsilon React
React Native
Upsilon Expo

QA specialists

Upsilon Appium
Upsilon Detox
Upsilon Selenium

DevOps engineers

Upsilon Terraform
Upsilon Docker
Upsilon Kubernetes

AI & Machine Learning

Upsilon TensorFlow
Upsilon Keras
Upsilon PyTorch

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How This Model Works

Each specialist has a specific hourly rate, depending on their role and seniority.
You hire as many people as your project needs - in any combination and variations.
You pay monthly for the total number of hours all specialists spend on the project with an NET of 15 days.
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You are not cheap, guys. Why should I prefer you to developers selling themselves at a $15/h rate?

We are not a “body shop” - we empower our clients with solid and close-knit teams of full-stack and niche experts. We have been in the market for 10+ years, and our team helped to bring 25+ products to market success.

Before starting a collaboration, I would like to test your developers. Do you provide a trial period?

Yes. We offer a money-back guarantee within the first sprint. If you are unsatisfied with the team during the first 2 weeks, you will not pay a single dollar for the work.

What is your payment schedule?

We don’t require advance payments. During the project, we will invoice you every 2 sprints with a NET 15 days to pay, but we can also agree on a custom schedule.

What about IP and right ownership? How do you ensure their effective transfer?

The procedure of IP and rights transferring is based on our Agreement. You retain exclusive control and ownership over source code and all product assets from day one.