130+ Tech Startup Ideas to Start in 2023

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Coming up with a product for a tech startup can be challenging for entrepreneurs. Let's overview more than 130 product ideas that a technology startup can consider building.

Tech startups are an important part of today's business landscape as they're the ones to drive innovation and bring change into traditional industries. Their main focus is developing and using modern cutting-edge technology to build unique products. Such companies often receive startup funding from investors or venture capitalists, but they have to be agile and quick-paced. In fact, the environment for tech startups is highly competitive, with thousands of companies emerging and vanishing each year.

If you don't aim for startup scaling and visible rapid growth, you won't be fast enough to withstand the competition. Not to mention that demand for something can come and go, meaning that you must be flexible if you want to stand a chance.

So what kind of product or service is worth creating this year and in the near future? Which areas are most promising? On this page, we share the best tech business ideas to inspire you! 

Best Tech Startup Ideas Overview

Any aspiring entrepreneur needs to start with an idea, as only then can you continue your research and development. It doesn't matter if you'll be working on the product on your own or will choose to turn to incubators or accelerators to seek support and guidance. It all begins with the idea.

We've prepared a detailed breakdown of the possible services or products that you can consider building for your tech startup. Here's our collection of over 130 ideas placed into 20 categories.

What kind of tech startup can you start? 20 ideas

Edtech Ideas for a Startup

Since online learning is continuing to grow in popularity, you can consider starting a tech startup and creating a solution that facilitates remote studies. Here are a few education technology ideas you can think about building a:

  • Duolingo-like application for learning languages;
  • online learning platform for lectures or courses;
  • game-like app for teaching children;
  • platform for finding tutors and having lessons like Brighterly.com;
  • student assessment tool for teachers;
  • knowledge management platform for teams like OneBar;
  • digital note-taking tool like Editpad;
  • platform for an immersive learning experience via VR.

Leisure and Entertainment Tech Startup Ideas

People love to relax, unwind, and get their minds off things. This means that there are practically no limits to how you can entertain people using new technologies and improve their leisure time. Here are some thoughts to get you started:

  • game development (anything from cooking games and quests to escape rooms and beyond);
  • puzzles, coloring books, Sudoku, or anything along these lines;
  • eBook apps with libraries and reading suggestions;
  • podcasts or streaming platforms;
  • music apps like Spotify or a music game for filling in word gaps in lyrics;
  • hobby apps (e.g., an app that helps you take care of your house plants);
  • dating application;
  • virtual reality entertainment solutions.

Platforms for Hiring People

Recruitment is always challenging for any business, regardless of size. Hence, you can try to tackle an existing problem that employers have when hiring staff or streamline this tough process by creating a tech solution. Here are a few suggestions:

  • job boards for seeking candidates;
  • a niche-focused platform (such as one for finding freelancers like Upwork, Freelancer or Fiverr or those focused solely on remote staff);
  • a candidate-matching tool based on AI that utilizes data on social media channels, job boards, and other resources;
  • recruitment software (e.g., for screening, interviewing, and hiring web developers with automated reminders, advanced logging, and analytics);
  • an assessment tool for test assignments or evaluating the skills of already hired staff;
  • virtual onboarding and training platforms for new hires.

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Legal Tech Startup Ideas

Although the legal sector is less prone to change than others, multiple legal tech solutions are appearing on the market to simplify and automate traditional processes. I.e., they help speed up various time-consuming procedures, keep people more organized, and help make legal services more affordable and efficient. Giving some ideas in this segment, we'd list the following:

  • electronic or digital signature tools similar to DocuSign;
  • software for real estate agents;
  • smart contracts using blockchain technology;
  • documentation management and automation (e.g., monitoring when a contract is close to expiring);
  • crowdfunding solution for raising money for legal cases;
  • free trademark checker;
  • a bot for giving legal information and advice;
  • virtual law firm solution;
  • dispute resolution software that makes it possible to avoid court.

Fintech Ideas for a Startup

It's pretty safe to say that building a fintech app is among the current tech startup trends. According to recent statistics, the number of fintech startups is steadily growing in most parts of the world.

Number of Fintech startups in the world statistics

There are multiple paths you can take with fintech solutions as they can be oriented at businesses or individuals. Here are several good business startup ideas related to finance:

  • digital banking platform;
  • billing invoicing software;
  • trading and investment services software;
  • accounting and taxes calculation tools;
  • payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal or Braintree;
  • personal budget management tool (for savings, planning, etc.);
  • an app for lending money to friends and family.

Blockchain and Crypto Tech Startup Ideas

Blockchain technologies are growing in popularity thanks to their unmatched security, which can be attributed to their decentralized character. It's transparent and contributes to various segments, so you can think about creating a tech startup that would offer:

  • blockchain-based payment systems;
  • cryptocurrency wallets;
  • crypto exchange (a platform where you can buy, store, and sell digital assets);
  • crypto investment platform;
  • a market for NFT and crypto collectibles;
  • smart contracts tool;
  • blockchain solutions for supply management, logistics, tracking cargo, or other spheres.

Communication Tools Tech Company Ideas

There are countless possibilities in the communication software sector. To say the least, such solutions allow us to bridge language and distance barriers. Depending on who will apply them and for which purpose, you can consider building something for individual or team use, for instance:

  • a messaging and communication tool such as Slack;
  • a video conferencing tool like Zoom;
  • a virtual reality communication platform;
  • smart chatbot solutions;
  • real-time translation apps;
  • speech to text and text to speech software;
  • software for creating captions or subtitles.

Cybersecurity Tech Business Ideas

Data breaches and the consequences that follow are a common fear of people around the globe, especially business owners who are responsible for safeguarding sensitive data. Cybersecurity is one of the areas for tech startups since there's a lot you can do in terms of SaaS application development and other tech solutions to help people protect themselves from theft, cyber-attacks, phishing emails, and other vulnerabilities or malware:

  • vulnerability detection scanners;
  • secure password keepers;
  • end-to-end encryption solutions;
  • cybersecurity audit software;
  • authorization and access control tools;
  • team education tool on cybersecurity.

E-commerce and Online Retail Tech Startup Ideas

Online retail removes boundaries and provides access to a global market. That's why many businesses are either completely shifting to e-commerce, building a marketplace, or are at least ensuring their online presence.

Of course, the solutions will vary depending on what you're planning to create (for instance, the marketplace development cost will generally be higher than a simple e-commerce store). But which other tech solutions can you create?

  • virtual shopping assistant;
  • gift recommendation tool;
  • virtual try-on software;
  • inventory management solution;
  • coupon or promo code maker tool;
  • online store builder.

Tech Startup Ideas for Marketing 

There are numerous startups to create in the marketing segment. Businesses are always struggling to engage customers and make the most of the team's effort and the company or startup budget. Having optimal tools at hand like the ones we list below can definitely help:

  • content planners;
  • landing page builder;
  • marketing automation software;
  • tools for running A/B or other test types;
  • email campaign creation and newsletter send-out software;
  • advertisement personalization tool;
  • customer loyalty program management software.

Social Media Tech Startup Ideas

Social media is a more narrowly-focused segment of marketing. As such, you can consider creating a brand-new channel targeting a specific niche. For instance, TikTok's focus was on short videos, and maybe there's something small you can emphasize, too?

Alternatively, you may work in the direction of building tools for handling social media. Providing a few SaaS product ideas in this sector, this could be:

  • auto-posting, scheduling, and social media management software;
  • a tool for designing posts for social media;
  • a platform for connecting with influencers;
  • an aggregator pulling several social media feeds into one.

Tech Business Ideas Dealing with Analytics 

Business and startup analytics are essential to growth. Teams have to be aware of how things stand, which tactics are working, and how to proceed best by making data-driven decisions. If you're thinking about creating a tech startup that has to do with data analytics and SEO, these ideas might help: 

  • a data mining solution;
  • goal-setting tools for assigning and monitoring KPIs and OKRs;
  • AI-based analysis tool (for analyzing customer behavior, detecting trends, identifying patterns, etc.);
  • natural language processing (NLP) software for feedback;
  • tools for tracking product performance metrics;
  • advanced analytics solutions like Mixpanel or Amplitude;
  • social wall that aggregates and displays user-generated content and interactions from various social media platforms;
  • predictive analysis software that uses machine learning algorithms.

UX/UI and Design Tools

It takes a lot of effort to come up with a great product design. This is why it's vital to equip designers with the most effective tools. Consider initiating a tech startup that can make the designers' life easier or take their work to the next level: 

  • tools for making mockups;
  • wireframe builders like Marvel;
  • customer journey mapping or user stories creation software;
  • UX/UI design creation software such as Figma;
  • graphic design tools like Sketch;
  • animation creation software;
  • free logo maker application;
  • data visualization tool;
  • VR- or AR-backed interior design software.

Medtech and Health Tech Startup Ideas

The necessity to improve healthcare as well as the quality and effectiveness of medical services, has paved the way to digital health and virtual medical services. What kind of custom healthcare software can a startup build? These healthtech suggestions can be a starting point:

  • personalized nutrition app solution;
  • symptoms tracking software;
  • remote patient monitoring and telehealthcare software for virtual consultations;
  • apps to remind people to take their medication;
  • insomnia and other types of sleep apps;
  • cycle tracking applications;
  • medical diagnosis tool based on AI;
  • health diaries or solutions for logging health history.

Fitness and Sport Tech Startup Ideas

Wellness and a healthy lifestyle are integral in the modern community. So it's no wonder that numerous startups appear in the fitness industry. Whether it's a personal passion for keeping fit or the desire to improve well-being, tech solutions can help people achieve their wellness goals. Here are a few ideas for such startups:

  • virtual workout classes platform;
  • fitness activity tracking and data analysis software;
  • personalized workouts application;
  • platform for one-on-one counseling with coaches and other experts.

Virtual Space Tech Startup Ideas

Remote work (and, basically, remote everything) is slowly taking its permanent place in our daily lives. Therefore, it's no surprise that many startups are getting creative about various solutions, such as:

  • a virtual event space platform for online events;
  • virtual office solutions and co-working spaces;
  • collaboration room tools for teams working remotely;
  • virtual exhibitions, concerts, trade shows, etc.

Tools for Staying Organized

Keeping track of all the things that are happening in your personal and work life alike can be challenging. Here are several business ideas in technology related to productivity, work management, and staying organized:

  • reminder apps and organizers;
  • personal time-management tools;
  • shopping list and meal planner tools;
  • work time tracking and logging software;
  • tools for assigning tasks and monitoring their status;
  • scheduling and calendar tools;
  • an online notepad for copying notes instantly;
  • digital filing system for organizing documentation, media files, etc.;
  • image to text converter to extract text from images;
  • data reporting tool for building enhanced reports;
  • workflow automation tools for simplifying repetitive tasks.

Ideas for AI and Machine Learning-Based Tech Startups

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are quickly putting down roots in most spheres of our lives. They're already transforming how we work and communicate, enhancing such segments as healthcare, logistics, agriculture, and others. Apart from the solutions that were briefly listed in the other blocks above, here are a couple more:  

  • personal assistant based on AI;
  • AI tool for diagnostics and treatment;
  • writing and grammar correction tools.

Transport and Logistics Tech Ideas for a Startup 

Technology has revolutionized the way people get around and how logistics are handled. We're already accustomed to navigators, sky scanners, and various trackers. Here are some tech startup ideas in this sector: 

  • delivery software;
  • ride-sharing or taxi apps like Uber;
  • supply chain tracking using blockchain tech;
  • cargo-tracking software;
  • geolocation apps;
  • vehicle management software for fleets (e.g., expenses on fuel, maintenance, etc.);
  • parking applications.

Travel and Hospitality Tech Startup Ideas

On a similar note, there are multiple tech advancements that help us travel and get around. These are several examples of what could be built in the tourism and travel segment:

  • ticket finders for flights or other public transport; 
  • booking apps for accommodation (e.g., Airbnb);
  • itinerary planner software;
  • virtual hotel concierge and virtual keys to rooms;
  • sustainable travel apps (for instance, finding eco-friendly places to stay, activities contributing to an environmental cause, reducing CO2 emissions, volunteering when abroad, etc.).

How Upsilon Can Help with Your Tech Startup Idea

As you see, there's a huge range of tech startup types that you can build. It's crucial to note, though, that there's always a risk that the demand for some kinds of products can quickly change. Hence, those startups that'll be capable of adapting together with the market shifts and making a business pivot in due time will be the ones to stay afloat and succeed.

What else matters? Putting effort into research and ensuring a timely release can certainly make a difference too. This is exactly why many successful startups began by creating an MVP to validate hypotheses and gradually molded their solution to ensure that it lives up to user needs.

Which startup ideas in tech stand a better chance? It really depends. As long as you build a unique solution that'll truly bring value and solve the pain points that users have, you have a bigger chance of thriving. As such, there are many MVP examples, such as Dropbox, when the creators helped users discover the benefits of the product, making them realize they couldn't live without such a solution any longer.

And if you have a tech startup product idea in mind and need an experienced team to bring it to life, Upsilon provides MVP development services for startups. We've already helped dozens of companies launch amazing products and then supported them in their consequent growth. So, don't hesitate to contact us, we'll be happy to provide you with a consultation and collaborate!

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Wrapping Up on the Technology Startup Ideas

Just like our solar system, the world of tech never stops moving. Surely, there are other tech fields that we didn't cover in this guide, like IoT and smart home devices, robotics, 3D printing, and lots of other technological advancements all the way up to SpaceEx. Either way, you have to focus on the specific problem your solution will solve, this way, you'll deliver the value that users are craving.

If you'd like to get an MVP cost estimate, we've put together a simple-to-use tool that can help you get a better understanding of the required resources for bringing your idea to life in terms of design, development, and testing hours. So, feel free to use our MVP calculator and reach out to us if you need more accurate estimates!

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