Opt for React development services at Upsilon to receive fast-performing and scalable applications that feature everything from dynamic UI to robust functionality.

The process of creating interactive interfaces with React.js is seamless, effective, and fast, as well as predictable and easy to debug. Your customers will love solutions based on React.js – just as they love Facebook, which was created using this technology.

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Why React is a perfect choice for your project

Based on JavaScript

React is based on JavaScript. JavaScript XML (JSX) is one of the greatest features that not only make React easy but entertaining also.

Easy for debugging

Debugging is very easy with React. When something goes wrong, it is important to be able to track quickly the mistake to its source in the codebase and then easily solve it.


React is a component-based library. Components let you split the UI into independent, reusable pieces (components), and work with each piece separately.

Awesome for SEO

Not every JavaScript frameworks are search engine friendly, but React stays apart and helps to search web pages on the Internet efficiently.

Ready for heavy load

React is also strong and enduring enough because in combination with ES6/7 it can stand up to any amount of load.

React Tools and Libraries We Use

Material UI
Upsilon Next JS
Next JS

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Agile Development Process

We follow a low-risk software development process underpinned by continuous delivery and seamless integration into the client’s release cycle from the discovery phase through design, development, QA, and maintenance.

Discovery & Planning

This stage aims to analyze your project vision, identify potential risks and benefits, and define business goals.

Our specialists study and refine, if needed, project requirements to elaborate the best-suited tech stack, outline the project milestones, and opt for a most effective engagement model.


From sketching & wireframing to pixel-perfect user interface design - we provide a full range of services that will make your sofware solution stand out in the market. By collaborating with our clients in Figma, we provide real-time involvement in the design process.


We apply cutting-edge software development technologies and practices to create flexible, full-featured, and robust solutions for your business.


We take care of product quality and ensure 100% stability and error-free performance of your software solution. We offer a wide range of testing services, including UX/UI tests and automated tests for complex projects.


In this step, we transfer the project to the client’s hosting, connect the domain and test it on the production server. By combining the benefits of Docker containers and Kubernetes, we adhere to a well-established process of application deployment, scaling, and management.


Through continuous monitoring and troubleshooting, performance audit, and user feedback analysis, we accelerate new features implementation while speeding up the release cycle.


Iterative development creates the conditions for quicker improvements and faster releases, contributing to early value delivery while ensuring stable and error-free functioning of your software solution.

These Companies Trust Upsilon

ThoughtSpotLiveArtCargGoCollectriumMake it Donate
ThoughtSpotLiveArtCargGoCollectriumMake it Donate

They've been LiveArt's partners since our launch, growing with us from a handful of team members to over 20 cross-functional developers.

David Letourneau

David Letourneau

COO at LiveArt

As a non-technical founder, I searched for a tech partner I could trust. The Upsilon team was amazing and hands down the best specialists I could have asked for.

Paul Fallon

Paul Fallon

Founder & CEO at Impromptu Limited

Their team had an ease of communication, but the most impressive thing about them is each member's integrity and work ethic.

Matt Wong

Matt Wong

CTO, Civic Connect

We were excited to have a partner with strong coding skills who compiled everything according to the tech specifications.

Kenny R. Lienhard

Kenny R. Lienhard

CTO, Medignition Inc

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