Data Scraping Services

Upsilon provides custom full-cycle web data scraping for companies who prefer to focus on using the data and not be involved in the operation.

Extract real-time data from any public website across the Internet and translate it into valuable insights for making data-driven business decisions with our professional web data scraping services.

Data Scraping Introduction
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Data Scraping Services We Provide

Upsilon's experienced team of data engineers is ready to address a broad spectrum of business challenges in the field of data warehousing by bringing a tailor-made web scraping solution of any complexity to the table.

Our custom web crawlers and robots can simultaneously parse multiple websites of any scale to let you get clean, quality data. Furthermore, we provide an array of data scraping services to solve all your data concerns in the shortest interval of time.

They include:

Data extraction illustration

Data Extraction

Our data extraction services will help you draw out the data you need from any website. We specialize in creating custom crawlers that can extract large quantities of data from multiple sources in parallel, retrieving usable data faster without scaling constraints.

Data verification illustration

Data Verification

Leverage our data verification services to remove all inaccuracies and discrepancies from your data. Verification ensures the correctness and completeness of your information, helping maintain its integrity at the maximum level throughout the data handling process.

Data cleaning illustration

Data Cleaning

With our data cleaning services, all your raw data extracted by web scraping tools will be processed to shake off all typos, duplicates, and old and incorrect information. As a result, you will be provided with clean, consistent data ready to be used for business purposes.

Data analysis illustration

Data Analysis

We provide a comprehensive range of data analysis services to help you categorize, contextualize, scope, and derive actionable insights that can be further used for making high quality, fact-based business decisions.

Our Web Data Scraping Pipeline

Unleashing the potential of data scraping services as a source of reliable and unadulterated information for decision-making is impossible without building a data collection and processing pipeline. Here, at Upsilon, we can boast of a well-established data scraping cycle which consists of the following stages:

  • Collection of raw, unstructured data
  • Pre-validation
  • Data uploading temporary database
  • Data structuring and uploading to the main database
  • Validation, review and manual fixes, if necessary
  • Deployment to the working data environment

Our Data Scraping Projects

Here, at Upsilon, we provide custom data scraping services to enhance our clients’ products with the power of accurately extracted, parsed, and cleansed data. We relieve businesses of the necessity to code and to know the technical aspects of data warehousing. We scrape information from all over the web, including complex, dynamic, and multilayered resources. Explore our projects and find out how we have done that in practice.

Artworks and Auction data Scraping Illustration

Artworks and Auction Data Scraping

Web scraping for retrieving data and its further usage in multi-factor analysis and search & recommendation engine development.

Stock Market and Financial Data Scraping

Integration with MorningStar Investment Research Center’s database and configuring a web scraping API to parallelize big financial market data running.

Stock Market and Financial data Scraping Illustration
Social Platform Ads Scraping Illustration

Social Platform Ads Scraping

Scraping web data from multiple advertising platforms; organizing and converting it into a standardized format for further usage by analysts.

Need help with scraping data from a website?

Upsilon’s team will let you always have valuable information at your fingertips without the need to worry about the complexities of web data scraping. Share your problem with us and our experts will get back to you with a solution that works.

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Technologies We Use in Data Scraping

By mastering the most powerful tools and advanced technologies, our data scraping service team is ready to fulfill all your requirements for creating custom data collection software.

Cloud Platforms


Libraries and Frameworks

ScrapyCrawlabAWS BatchRetoolHTTPX



Use Cases: How Data Scraping Can Be Useful for Your Business

Regardless of what industry you are in, we can retrieve data from any public source across the World Wide Web at every scale and convert it into actionable insights helping your organization grow faster. Here are examples of how data scraping services can be applied in several business verticals.

Stock Market & Financial Data Scraping

  • Equity research: getting stock market data such as a previous close, Bids & Ask, price fluctuations, market capitalization, etc.
  • Market sentiment analysis based on data from discussion forums, blogs, social networks, and other sources.
  • Risk compliance and mitigation through data extraction from resources of regulatory bodies - government, court websites, sanction lists, etc.

Artworks & Auction Data Scraping

  • Gathering data about artists and their artworks from the world’s largest art market databases.
  • Collecting and monitoring various real-time data like the description of lots, incoming bids, hammer prices, and premiums across auction houses.
  • Historical auction data scraping, including the comprehensive results of past events to let you know how artworks and artists have performed over time.

Blockchain Data Scraping

  • Monitoring cryptocurrency fluctuations to give you insights on what type of trend - upward or downward - dominates to help you pick the optimal time to invest.
  • Gathering data about organizations that accept cryptocurrency to let you act in the market more efficiently.
  • Extracting transaction data (sale, transfer, and more) to provide you with detailed information about the operations performed by market players: what items do they own, buy, and sell, how much do they spend, etc.
  • Scraping news and media coverage for tracking the latest happenings in blockchain for further usage in the sentiment analysis.

Market Research & Analytics Data Scraping

  • Getting reliable and accurate data on market trends and behaviors to boost the efficiency of your market research and forecasting activities.
  • Competitor data gathering and analysis to arm your market researchers with robust insights on competitors’ segmentation strategies, product line expansion, audience interests, etc.
  • Real-time and historical pricing data scraping to let you make well-founded decisions on how to best position products and services in the market.
  • Customer analysis to help you get a complete and unsophisticated overview of your target audience enriched with valuable consumer data.

Turn to Upsilon’s custom data scraping services

No matter what type of data scraping challenge you are coming up with. Upsilon will build and maintain the best-suited data extraction solution for you. Here are the reasons why businesses choose us as a reliable data scraping service provider:

  • We have proven web data scraping expertise in e-commerce, art, finance, digital marketing and other industries
  • We guarantee 99% accuracy and consistency in data quality delivered in site scraping
  • We use leading-edge scraping tools having multiple spiders to crawl websites and make sure fast turnaround times
  • By leveraging different scripting languages, APIs and updated technologies, we scrape the data to provide you the best results in required formats
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is data scraping?

Data scraping is the automated collection of data from websites, databases, enterprise applications, or legacy systems. With data scraping, vast arrays of information of different types — such as product reviews, contact information, social media posts, and web content — can be gathered for various business goals.

What are the formats of data output in data scraping?

The processed output can be presented by data scraping service companies in plenty of formats. Most widely applicable formats are:

  • .CSV (comma-delimited values)
  • .XML
  • Excel (XLS)
  • .TXT
  • .JSON
  • MySQL
  • MS-Access

How much do the data web scraping services cost?

When you outsource web data scraping services, the final price may depend on several factors including:

  • Number of websites that have to be scrapped
  • Number of records that have to be scrapped
  • CAPTCHA verification presence
  • IP Blocking presence
  • Level of information beneath the data layers that need to be extracted
  • Presence of HTML/ Flash/ JavaScript / Ajax, etc.
  • Responsiveness of the website
  • Website structure

and more.