DevOps Services

Upsilon provides DevOps managed services to help companies of all sizes automate and accelerate software delivery along with ensuring the scalability, stability and security of their existing IT infrastructure.

Leverage DevOps consulting advantages to improve your velocity and organize team resources more effectively without compromising the quality of implemented solutions.

DevOps Introduction
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Our DevOps Consulting Services

By offering a wide range of DevOps consulting and implementation services, Upsilon enables companies to bridge the gap between development (Dev) and operations (Ops) to realize the full potential of collaborated performance, software quality and delivery speed.

DevOps Assessment and Consulting

After auditing existing IT infrastructure and software delivery processes, our DevOps engineers will quickly identify opportunities for improvement and then come up with a feasible DevOps optimization plan.

Cloud DevOps Services

Relying on the AWS capabilities, we support companies in architecting environments and then provide cloud DevOps services to help them organize effective software delivery pipelines in the cloud.

Automated Infrastructure Provisioning

As a mature provider of DevOps services, we help companies in configuring, provisioning and managing their infrastructure in order to minimize human errors, enable security and improve developer productivity.

CI/CD Pipelines

By opting for UpsilonIt’s DevOps managed services you will get expert advice on setting up and configuring CI/CD pipelines aligned with optimal test automation tools.

Scaling and Data Migration

By offering a full spectrum of DevOps professional services, we are ready to accomplish end-to-end migration of your applications and a data warehouse to the cloud to help you optimize your software’s performance and IT infrastructure costs.

Container Orchestration

By taking the advantages of containerization tools like Docker and Kubernetes, we provide clients with an opportunity to rapidly deploy and update their applications on any computing environment.

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We are ready for challenges of any scale and complexity. Take a closer look at our service portfolio to find out how UpsilonIT can help you unlock the power of new tech and speed up your digital transformation.

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Looking for DevOps consulting services to optimize your software delivery pipeline? ?

Need to release more and faster without sacrificing control or the need of business? Our DevOps consultants are ready to examine your existing IT infrastructure and offer you the best-fit DevOps implementation model.

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Tools and Platforms We Use for DevOps Services

As an established DevOps consulting company, Upsilon utilizes a holistic set of DevOps tools and platforms that encompass the entire software development lifecycle from code maintenance and version control to automated testing and deployment.

Cloud Platforms


Infrastructure Configuration & Provisioning


Containerization & Orchestration


Continuous Integration and Delivery


Advantages of Our DevOps Services

We know how automation and continuous delivery can dramatically boost your project’s efficiency. Whether configuring an IT environment or implementing DevOps from scratch - our DevOps engineers will take care of you. Let us take a look at what your business could gain by opting for Upsilon’s DevOps managed services.

Improved Velocity of Development and Deployment

DevOps enable companies to speed up the feedback collection and implementation, thereby leading to faster code improvements. Subsequently, faster improvements in code quality can accelerate time-to-market for different software solutions.

Effective Collaboration between Teams (Dev, Ops & Business)

DevOps paves the way to improve business agility by providing the atmosphere of mutual collaboration, communication, and integration among software development teams, IT operations, and the rest of the business in day-to-day activities.

Early Issue Detection and Fixing

DevOps implies the combination of test-driven techniques, a shared codebase, automated deployments, and continuous integration for the proactive identification of issues in the application code, configuration, or infrastructure.

Automation of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

DevOps provides automation of the processes for integrating new features in applications and ensuring their deployment. The automation of CI and CD not only delivers improvements in efficiency, quality, and continuity of releases but also provides simplicity of development and deployment processes.

Greater customer experience

With professional DevOps consulting services, the updates can be delivered more frequently to different customer categories while giving them the ability to evaluate and test new features. evaluation and testing of their satisfaction. Also, businesses could customize their software products according to the need of customers for ensuring a better product-market fit. 

Get tangible value with our DevOps services

By choosing Upsilon as a DevOps service company you pick a team of professionals who will help you:

  • Select an appropriate DevOps toolkit and assist in its integration
  • Architect cloud-based infrastructure with our cloud DevOps services
  • Increase resiliency, efficiency, and quality of your software
  • Rapidly roll out new features and product versions
  • Reduce overall project costs
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DevOps Lifecycle We Follow

From requirements analysis and project planning to deployment to production and scheduled maintenance, we follow a well-established end-to-end DevOps implementation lifecycle where continuity is at its core. Count on Upsilon’s DevOps professional services and leverage the advantages of an automated, mature, reliable and cost-effective DevOps process.


  • Business requirements gathering
  • End-users feedback analysis
  • Product roadmap creation: epics, features, user stories
Jira, Azure DevOps, Asana


  • Coding: feature development
GitLab, GIT, TFS, SVN, Mercurial, BitBucket


  • Build automation
  • Integration of features and add-on functionalities into the existing code
  • Code review
  • Integration testing
Jenkins, Bamboo, GitLab CI, Buddy


  • Test environment provisioning
  • Automation testing: unit testing, load testing, security testing, etc.
  • Manual testing
  • Test evaluation reporting
JUnit, Selenium, TestNG, TestSigma


  • Containerization
  • Deployment of new features to the production servers
GitLab, Helm, Docker


  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Server configuring
  • Infrastructure as Code
Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Terraform


  • Customer behavior evaluation and feedback analysis
  • Errors and issues identification
  • Software performance monitoring
Jira, Slack, Zendesk, Service Now

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DevOps as a service?

DevOps as a service is a software delivery model facilitating better collaboration, communication, and automation between development (Dev) and operations (Ops) aimed at improving the productivity of the team and the quality of the software.

What are the benefits provided by DevOps managed services?

DevOps managed services provide a lot of advantages such as the delivery of digital services with high velocity, optimization and reduction of the budget for IT infrastructure and maintenance, the possibility to enhance and evolve the products far quicker in comparison with traditional software development, and management of IT infrastructure.

What are the tools and technologies used for DevOps services?

DevOps technologies can be divided into several categories. The market of cloud infrastructure solutions is dominated by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Clouds. Kubernetes is the most popular container orchestration platform responsible for identical usage of a code under any OS. CI/CD pipelines are developed and implemented with tools like Jenkins, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps, and others.