Custom Mobile App Development

We offer a full range of mobile app design and development services — from discovery phase to deployment — all particularly attuned to fit your business needs.

By applying the latest technical standards, following market tendencies, and orienting on solving end-user problems, we develop custom mobile applications that deliver stellar experiences across platforms and devices.

Our Mobile Application Development Services

Mobile App Design

Upsilon is your one-stop shop when it comes to mobile app design and development services.

Our UX and UI design experts know how to marry the required functionality with intuitive interfaces and deliver the best-in-class customer experience across multiple devices.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

With cross-platform mobile app development services, we, at Upsilon, help businesses reduce both time-to-market and costs while building great mobile products that look and feel truly native.

With React Native technology, such an ambitious task can be effectively solved.

Mobile Integrations

Harnessing the power of API, our mobile app developers will help integrate your product with any back-end solution like a CRM or ERP system.

Through integrations with third-party software, you will provide consistent, world-class customer experience across all channels.

Mobile App Modernization

If you need to revitalize your outdated mobile app, Upsilon is ready to provide you with a suite of application modernization services.

From code refactoring and re-architecting to containerization and migration to a new cloud - our mobile development experts will get you covered.

Testing and QA

Upsilon provides full-range mobile app testing services to ensure that every piece of code or feature fully meets functional and non-functional requirements.

Also, we fully automate quality assurance processes by implementing test automation frameworks and enabling CI/CD workflows.

Maintenance and Support

Our mobile maintenance and support services encompass a suite of activities to enhance mobile applications and keep them up to date.

This suite of services includes adjusting the application to users' feedback, improving its user experience, updating functionality, and addressing any performance issues.

we can also help you with:

Types of Custom Mobile Apps We Build

We integrate, modify, customize, and develop all kinds of features to engineer the best possible mobile application that best serves your brand and caters to your missions. Leverage our mobile app development services to drive more value and get ahead of the competition.

Internal Business Mobile Apps

Looking for a custom mobile app development company that will meet your security and reliability requirements?

Upsilon helps businesses of any size to streamline their internal processes, increase productivity, automate workflows, and gain more visibility & control with 360° secure, innovative, high-performing mobile solutions.

Marketplace Apps

Today, to address the demands of the sharing economy, companies are rushing into marketplace mobile app development.

Applying our experience with designing and developing marketplaces, we bring businesses and customers to a single ecosystem on different levels (B2B, B2C, or C2C) and help them get the most out of commercial interaction with each other.

Industry-Specific Mobile Apps

From Logistics and Healthcare to Retail and Entertainment, UpsilonIT helps companies from a wide range of business verticals develop end-to-end mobile solutions tailored to their specific business needs.

By tapping into our custom mobile app development services, you will get a spot-on mobile solution that will let you be one step ahead of the competition.

Geo-Service Mobile Apps

By leveraging our expertise in GPS, GSM, BLE, and other location-based technologies, you can enrich your business value with navigation, tracking, shipping & delivery mobile solutions.

Our iBeacon-compatible mobile applications deliver engaging UX for indoor-outdoor locations while enhancing existing business processes, productivity, and revenues.

Our Featured Case Studies

We offer a full range of mobile app design and development services to deliver industry-disrupting apps that perfectly fit your business needs. Our clients’ success is reflected in our projects.

Hire top mobile app developers

If you have a mobile project in the queue or want to refine your existing product with powerful integrations, we are here to get your back. Our team will assist you in custom mobile app development, design, and support to make sure your product is the best in class.

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Technologies We Use for Mobile App Development

As a leading provider of mobile application development services, Upsilon always picks the most advanced technologies to ensure that every part of the solution, from the back-end to user interface design, will be delivered according to the front-rank industry practices.

We thoroughly explore the specifics of each business and apply the most optimal combination of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and tools to nail your project needs.


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Upsilon React
Upsilon React
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AWS CloudFront
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Why Cross-Platform App Development?

Cross-platform mobile app development is the process of developing a mobile solution, not for a specific device but multiple platforms and operating systems. When building cross-platform apps, mobile developers use programming languages and technical options not related to a single OS. Built apps are packaged into virtual “containers” that allow them to work and interface with each platform. Therefore, your app can reach more users without ignoring any section of your user base or target audience.

Along with a bigger reach, cross-platform mobile app development services can provide the following benefits:

Reusable code

Mobile app developers can use the same code across all platforms. It also decreases the number of repetitive tasks, thus eliminating drudgery.

Reduced development time

Due to a single script, app development is going much faster. As a result, your product can reach the market sooner than before.

Easier implementation

Utilizing already known resources and translating them for different platforms makes custom mobile app development quicker and easier to sync updates across all mobile devices.


Cross-platform app development ensures that the overall look and feel of the app can be maintained across all platforms since the same set of code is being utilized.

Get the Most out of React Native Technology

React Native is the perfect combination for companies looking for mobile application development services and creating a solution with native UI using the tool of their choice, Javascript. React Native is one of the most wanted frameworks for startups and SMEs. It helps reduce mobile app development costs and accelerate time-to-market while reusing a larger part of the codebase across Android and iOS.

At our mobile app development company, React Native developers apply their vast knowledge of React architecture and React Native libraries to create engaging mobile experiences written in JavaScript using SDKs inherent in both Android and iOS.

Upsilon React Native Technology

Why React Native

Cross-platform advantages

React Native is highly rated by mobile app development companies because it offers cross-platform APIs, letting you create completely native mobile apps for both Android and iOS by keeping a single codebase.

Efficiency and agility

As one of the best mobile app development frameworks, React Native provides great advantages such as a rich ecosystem, excellent community support, open-source benefits, and agility.

Native UI

React Native provides a core set of platform-agnostic native components that map directly to the platform’s native UI building blocks. That allows you to build interactive and user-friendly interfaces without compromising your users’ experiences.

Live updates

All changes made in the code can be easily visualized by refreshing the app just like a web page. The updated app can be immediately pushed directly to users’ devices without re-publishing in the store.

Get an effective mobile app with Upsilon

When partnering with our mobile application development company, you get the following benefits:

  • Agile mobile app development and project methodology;
  • Team of more than 30 cross-functional experts at your service;
  • Expertise in various industries including logistics, healthcare, art, entertainment, construction, etc.;
  • Competitive rates for mobile app design and development services;
  • Full-cycle quality assurance (QA).
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Upsilon Mobile App Development

Benefits of Tapping into Mobile App Development Services

From e-commerce stores and the banking sector to food delivery and educational institutions, we can hardly find an industry where mobile applications have not proved their value as revenue generators or established themselves as key communication channels with customers. Here are some benefits your business can gain from custom mobile app development services:

Increase brand awareness

Mobile app software can work as an extension of your brand while having rich advertising potential. By expanding your offerings to a new platform, you can reach broader audiences and new demographics of customers. The more often users interact with your brand via your mobile app, the more likely or inclined they will be its adherents.

Establish a direct marketing channel

Mobile app development will help you build a direct marketing communication channel with customers. With such features as news feeds, messaging, forms, and push notifications, it can provide and gather various information with minimum effort.

Provide value and cultivate loyalty

Another reason why you should consider going for custom mobile app development is to give customers more value and encourage their loyalty. Rather than issuing the old-collection card, you may provide hyper-personalized user experiences, bespoke discounts, coupons and programs, and even gamification elements - all within one app.

Live updates

All changes made in the code can be easily visualized by refreshing the app just like a web page. The updated app can be immediately pushed directly to users’ devices without re-publishing in the store.

Agile Mobile App Development Process

From the discovery phase through design, development, QA, and maintenance, we follow a low-risk mobile app development process underpinned by continuous delivery and seamless integration into the client’s release cycle.

Discovery & Planning

In the discovery phase, we explore your business objectives, conduct market analysis, and plan how your mobile app can effectively tackle user needs and create engagement.
After that, we help you translate your requirements into a feature list, choose the optimal tech stack and plan key project milestones.


We start to bring your project to life by establishing user personas, flows, and journey maps and then creating compelling and aesthetically pleasing user interfaces that will engage and delight users while driving conversions and strengthening the customer-company relationship.


Our developers will leverage their experience and skills to work out the optimal mobile solution architecture and deliver all required functionality. We will apply cutting-edge technologies and implement most advanced integrations to provide the best app performance, connectivity, and scalability.


We make sure the code we write is clean, effective, and free of bugs through continuous testing. We test your product using multiple rounds of testing, including automated and manual testing and functional and UI/UX testing.


On the deployment stage, we configure CI/CD, prepare a clean, complete build of the app, and release it for internal testing. Once all tests have been successfully passed, we create a product version of the app ready to be deployed at the marketplaces.


Through continuous performance monitoring and bug-fixing, analyzing customer feedback, adjusting to new versions of mobile operating systems, and implementing new features, we ensure your mobile app will deliver a stunning user experience 24/7/365.


Iterative development creates the conditions for quicker improvements and faster releases, contributing to early value delivery while ensuring stable and error-free functioning of the mobile solution.


What is mobile app development?

Mobile application development is the process of building software that operates on mobile devices. This kind of software uses the network connection to interact remotely with computing resources. Hence, the mobile app development process involves creating installable software bundles (code, binaries, assets, etc.), implementing backend services such as data access with an API, and testing the application on target devices.

What services do app developers provide?

Mobile app development companies usually elaborate their custom service offering based on their competence, strengths, market demands, businesses they aimed at, etc. But if we look at full-cycle app developers, their service proposition must comprise:

  • Mobile app project ideation and discovery;
  • Mobile consulting and prototyping;
  • Mobile UI/UX design;
  • Native and cross-platform mobile app development;
  • Mobile integrations and customizations;
  • Automated QA and testing;
  • Maintenance and post-launch support.

What programming language to use for mobile app development?

The choice of a particular technology for mobile app development depends on your business goals, the type of application needed, its requirements, etc. But firstly, you must select the OS platforms your app will work on.

If you are looking for a native app, the answer is easy: Swift or Objective-C for iOS and Kotlin/Java for Android.

If you want to leverage the advantages of cross-platform app development, we recommend you bank on React Native or Flutter.

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

When we estimate mobile app development, there can be a big discrepancy in costs due to the type of the app, its complexity, and the number of platforms. 

A simple app version with a minimum feature set and mobile app development services for one platform costs about $35,000-40,000. Creating a large app with a complex design, advanced feature set, and support for 2+ platforms may go up to  $150,000 and higher. In this case, cross-platform app development can be a feasible strategy saving up to 40% of your budget.

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