Software Testing and QA Services

Excellence is front and center in every project we work with. By combining mature QA services and sophisticated performance tracking tools, we help clients establish concrete control over their product’s quality throughout its life cycle.

Our quality assurance services help organizations release bug-free software while reducing time-to-market. With extensive manual and automated testing expertise, our tech-savvy QA professional engineers guarantee that your software will deliver an engaging user experience at each step.

types of software we test

Since software testing has the same importance as development, we made sure every product complies with the industry's standards, provides a seamless user experience, and allows you to enter the market with no hassle. Our quality assurance and testing services cover software of any complexity and scale, including:

Web Applications

Web apps are more than a source of information - they are multifunctional software that requires attention to every detail during testing. Our QA and testing services will guarantee that every line of the code runs as it should, while the overall working process of the web app is smooth and adopted to every device, platform, or system.

Mobile Applications

The mobile app’s performance and usability play an essential role in how customers will accept the product. By opting for QA software testing services, you ensure that your mobile application will be convenient, adaptive, and accessible from each device and will not be deleted by users because of bugs that appear.

Desktop Applications

Modern-day desktop applications should always be stable, secure, user-friendly, and feature-rich at the same time. While ensuring that your users will get all this simultaneously, our quality assurance and testing services will guarantee your product's smooth work after each update and improvement due to timely support and maintenance.

API Testing

Besides offering you a highly-skilled QA testing team from the start till the result, our API testing services allow you to get a clear picture of how the API affects both front and back-end parts of your software. While this helps save money and time, we only finish testing when we ensure that every component has been checked vigorously.

Our QA and Software Testing Offerings

Deeply understanding every aspect of successful software development and launch, we are sure: QA and testing are crucial pieces of this puzzle. By equipping you with an all-around suite of quality assurance and software testing services we enable you to get a solid, bug-free solution that meets all your business objectives. We provide:

Manual Software Testing Services

Manual testing allows us to identify issues in the code and ways to resolve them, avoid future roadblocks, and reduce confusion for your in-house development team.

Manual QA testing services we provide are focused on finding existing bugs, contributing to better user experience, higher retention rates, and positive feedback, thereby eliminating cost and time for further improvements.

Automated Software Testing Services

Automation can significantly simplify the testing effort and provide fast test execution when it comes to large, high-load projects developed over multiple iterations.

Based on the implementation of the pre-written scripts, automated testing type services allow optimizing repetitive tasks like product installation, defect logging, GUI interaction, and more. As a result, the testing process is characterized by higher speed, cost-effectiveness, and precision.

Types of QA Testing Services We Provide

Leverage our team's expertise to solve all your QA-related challenges. Whether you want us to execute a specific type of testing, set up a complex QA process, or take over from another testing team, we are ready to cover all your needs.

Functional Testing

Functional testing is focused on establishing whether each feature in the app works according to the software requirements. We perform this testing by providing sample inputs and collecting resulting outputs while verifying that all outputs are the same as expected.

Non-functional Testing

Non-functional testing checks the app's overall performance by examining things like performance, accessibility, and UX. We offer non-functional testing to ensure the app is more usable and reliable.

Regression Testing

As the name implies, regression testing checks how the app functions after every code change, update, or improvement. We provide regression testing every time a new modification is added to the code, ensuring the product stays sustainable under continuous improvements.

Localization Testing

Localization testing is essential for any application covering many locations, as it allows us to check how the app will function in a specific region, locale or culture. The key goal is to test appropriate linguistic and cultural aspects in a particular area.

End-to-End Testing

End-to-end testing is one of the most vital parts of the overall process, as it estimates the working order of a complex product from start to end. End-to-end testing guarantees that all software components can run and perform as expected in real-world scenarios.

Integration Testing

Integration testing is done by logically integrating individual software modules and testing them as a group. We perform this type of testing to check how those individual modules work when combined.

Performance Testing

The key goals of performance testing are evaluating application output, software processing speed, network bandwidth usage, data transfer velocity, the maximum level of concurrent users, memory utilization, workflow efficiency, and command response times.


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Check out how companies of all scales have solved their tech challenges by applying for Upsilon’s quality assurance services. Web and mobile app development, data visualization, machine learning, managed IT services, and more — we have piled up software testing expertise around several tech domains to help our clients achieve measurable business results with minimum risk.

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Technologies We Use for QA and Software Testing Services

To guarantee stable, error-free performance and cost-effectiveness of your solution, our team of QA engineers always applies the best testing practices and uses the most tech-savvy tools to prevent bugs from affecting your software quality.

Web Testing Tools

Upsilon Python
Upsilon Selenium

Mobile Testing Tools

Upsilon Python

Performance Testing Tools


Address Your Challenges with Our QA Testing Services

As testing is an essential step in any software development, let's explore what benefits you may gain if tapping into Upsilon's QA and software testing services:

Risk Elimination

Since rigorous testing ensures the faultless functioning, the highest level of security, and smooth performance of your software, you will eliminate the risks of releasing a raw product of poor quality to the market.

Customer Satisfaction

We know every product is built for people, so our focus is always on customer satisfaction. We show this throughout the whole software testing process, and you reap benefits in high retention and engagement rates.

Reduced Time to Market

In today's highly competitive digital world, every business wants to release products quickly. Our quality assurance and testing services guarantee that your software will go along with the newest tech advances and help you be ahead of the curve.

Budget Control

With our transparent and mature testing process, we will always inform you about the latest changes, stay tuned regarding project cost and performance in real-time, and will always be able to implement corrective strategies to save both money and resources.

Why opt for Upsilon’s software QA services

Benefits you have with Upsilon’s software testing services:

  • Only middle and senior-level QA and testing experts in the team;
  • Ensuring top product quality;
  • Early bug discovery;
  • Achieving higher user retention;
  • Tight delivery schedule;
  • Transparency and no hidden fees as a base.
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Our Software Testing & QA Process

Clarity gives peace of mind. We are always happy to share how our experts will test exactly your product. Due to the completed products and accumulated experience, Upsilon has established comprehensive and mature testing and QA process that is composed of the following steps:

1. Requirement collection and analysis

  • Analysis and clarification of functional and non-functional software requirements

2. Estimation of the software testing process

  • Determination of the relevant testing types and levels of testing (API and UI)
  • Creation of test documentation

3. Test planning

  • Planning of the software testing process for each sprint

4. Tests execution

  • Unit testing
  • Executing the designed test cases (Manual testing)
  • Submitting found defects to a defect tracking system (Manual testing)
  • Executing automated test scripts (Automated testing)

5. Collection and reporting of all issues found

  • Detection and collection of issues
  • Bug fixing
  • Verification that bugs have been fixed

6. Re-testing and regression testing

  • Performing regression testing to ensure that all areas of the application are fully functioning

7. Reporting

  • Testing data analysis
  • Deliverables check
  • Final test results reporting


What are quality assurance services?

Quality assurance (QA for short) refers to any systematic process determining whether the software meets specified requirements. QA establishes and supports a suite of requirements to ensure that the product will meet the defined quality standard before being released to the public.

What are the types of software testing services?

There are many types of software testing services, including functional testing, non-functional testing, regression testing, localization testing, end-to-end testing, integration testing, and performance testing.

What is the difference between software testing and QA services?

While QA and testing are both designed to improve software, the key difference lies in how they can achieve the goal. QA boosts the quality by improving the development process, while testing improves the software by identifying bugs affecting the quality.

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