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Nowadays, it is hard to imagine that high-quality software solutions can be developed without the usage of modern cloud services. These services cover all processes related to development, integration, and deployment. At UpsilonIT, we utilize a large number of progressive cloud services, but always stay open for new perspective ones. Such an approach helps us to be always confident in results and let evolve as a robust and skillful development team.

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Cloud services for every solution

Data visualizations

Web applications

Mobile applications

SaaS applications

High-load applications

Geo-based applications


Console applications

Machine Learning

Education portals

News & media portals

CRM & ERP systems

Cloud services we utilize to let brave ideas come true

We mostly prefer to use Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Moreover, we are keen on many different AWS services such as API Gateway, ElasticSearch, Route53, ELB, SQS. Each of them brings order, structure, helps us to develop and deploy our projects.

How we work with cloud services

We keep all our development practices aligned with modern trends. Our dev teams are continually exploring new services and do not standstill. For instance, we have a successful experience in work with Google Cloud Services.

A high level of performance during development can be reached only with effective project management. For this purpose, we use JIRA, Trello and Miro services. These pillars in management, team collaboration, communication, and organization help us to perform well and always be progressive.

We ensure that our team will apply the most suitable and effective technologies when working on your future software project. Moreover, we are open to discussing suggestions about the development of your project according to the cloud services you prefer.

Our development process

Clarify and set project requirements
Create a system design and UX/UI wireframes
Define and prioritize development tasks, create a backlog, prioritize all the tasks and provide estimates
Select the tasks from the top of the backlog for a 2-week sprint cycle
Deliver sprint results and iterate based on the feedback
Finally, deploy the project after all goals were met

Our projects


Dashboard for the Employee Engagement Platform

Dashboard for the Employee Engagement Platform

Charity Donation Platform

Charity Donation Platform

Logistics Dashboard for the Digital Fulfillment Platform

Logistics Dashboard for the Digital Fulfillment Platform
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