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As a startup, saving money for your business's growth and stability is extremely important. Oftentimes, the key to cutting costs is applying for startup discounts! Many popular websites and services are known to provide startups with special offers. Let's see which ones can lead to notable budget savings.

A startup's ability to run on a budget shouldn't be underestimated. After all, excessive spending can lead to budget drain sooner than expected.

Going "bargain-hunting" is an imperative skill and life hack that far-sighted startup founders and teams should apply. What exactly do we mean by this? Business software can be a sizeable cost unit. So, opting for startup discounts on third-party services and tools is one of the ways to save money.

On this page, we share a list of services with special offers for startups that can lead to significant budget savings when launching a startup. We'll also note the terms and how to apply for such discount programs, indicating which types of startups are eligible for this or that deal.

12 Startup Discounts to Save Your Budget

Below, we'd like to give you a list of companies with affordable offers and discounts for startups and the terms and conditions to apply for these deals. If you're planning a startup budget or are looking for ways to cut costs, consider these extra perks so you won't have to break the bank.

1. HubSpot CRM's Startup Deals

HubSpot for Startups Discount Program

Being one of the best-known CRM platforms, HubSpot is chosen by many renowned companies for its broad range of services and platform scalability opportunities. It provides an array of tools that can be used for sales, marketing, managing content, and handling customer support. It also grants access to various templates and learning resources. 

HubSpot for Startups offers the opportunity to save from 30 to 90% for the first year of using the company's Professional or Enterprise-level software and products.

Another undeniable perk is that HubSpot is a broad-scale platform compatible with many other services. It's easily integrated with over 1200 solutions often used in combination with this CRM. Hence, those startups that opt for HubSpot’s deal can count on additional discounts on such services as Stripe (one of the best payment gateways).

How to Get HubSpot's Startup Discount

Of course, there are specific application terms as not all startups are eligible for discounted prices for the first year of use. As such, a startup is qualifiable to apply for the following discounts:

  • 30% discount - if it's associated with one of HubSpot‚Äôs entrepreneurial organizations;
  • 50% discount - if it raised more than 2 million USD during seed and Series A funding (i.e., hasn't raised funds during Series B or consequent startup funding stages yet) and is associated with one of HubSpot's partner organizations;
  • 90% discount - if it raised below 2 million USD in funds and is associated with one of HubSpot's partner VC organizations, incubators or accelerators.

Importantly, these discounts are applicable only to the first year of use. But when it's over, startups can still benefit from being HubSpot customers and expect reduced rates. I.e., in the following years, the discount goes from 30% to 15%, from 50% to 25%, and from 90% to 50% for the second year and to 25% for the years after that.

2. Typeform's Startup Discount

Typeform for Startups Discount Program

Typeform is a platform for making all kinds of forms, including surveys, quizzes, and polls. Highlighting user-friendliness, the solution uses various techniques to help keep the audience engaged and the form completion rate high. The variety of templates and customizable layouts is impressive.

Typeform Startups offers a 75% discount off the Business plan price for the first year of use. Compared to the Free plan, Business grants access to extended functionality and has plenty of integration opportunities, enhanced data reporting and analytics, priority support, and other insights.

How to Apply for Typeform's Reduced Rate for Startups

Currently, startups can get 75% off the Business plan's annual prices for 12 months by applying until the end of 2022. To get admitted for the reduced rates, a startup has to be a new Typeform customer and be at the seed stage with under 1 million USD in both funding and lifetime revenue.

As you might have guessed, you need to fill out a form to apply for Typeform's discount. If you pass, you'll get a coupon with a code via email.

3. Startup Discounts by AWS

AWS Activate Startups Discount Program

Amazon's AWS has many products, yet AWS Activate is specially tailored for startups that are currently at the early stage of building their business or are scaling the startup. And the best part is that this program is free.

Developing an MVP is just as tough as expanding it. Therefore, members of the Activate program get access to the Console, which is a hub with multiple tools and resources. For instance, a startup can get expert tips and guidance thanks to Learn with AWS, aimed at aiding startups in building their products. The program also encompasses more than 40 templates, including those with pre-built infrastructure.

Interestingly, after some time, the program also gives startups an opportunity to apply for credits (up to 100k USD). The credits can be used to buy AWS services or to receive exclusive offers from Amazon's partners, such as BREX.

Applying for AWS Activate for Startups

To be eligible for the program, a startup has to:

  • be founded during the past decade;
  • have a working website / public profile;
  • be self-funded, bootstrapped, or at a stage that's not further than Series A funding.

The application process includes a few steps: creating a free AWS account, logging into the account, and joining the Activate program to get a hold of the program's perks. When ready, startups can register for AWS Credits (it generally takes up to two weeks to get a reply).

4. Startup Discounts by Webflow

Webflow for Startups Discount Program

Webflow is one of the best tools for a startup as it's a simple solution for easily building appealing websites, even if you don't have much coding background. This is why millions of designers, marketers, and other specialists choose this solution for their business.

The Webflow for Startups program was created to aid early-stage startups, offering three months of free use of the CMS plan, which is one of the most popular ones. The CMS plan includes a custom domain, up to 3 editors, up to 2k CMS records, and many other things which exceed the Free plan inclusions many times (e.g., 1 GB bandwidth in the Free plan vs. 200 GB bandwidth in the CMS plan).

What's the Webflow for Startups Application Process?

To apply for the discount offer, a startup has to qualify for the program. The criteria include:

  • being new to Webflow;
  • having no more than 50 employees;
  • working with one of Webflow's startup partners (including specific closed communities, accelerators, and venture capitalists);
  • the raised funding doesn't exceed 15 million USD.

5. Mixpanel's Startup Discounts

Mixpanel for Startups Discount Program

Mixpanel is a product analytics tool known for being relatively straightforward in terms of usability. The platform not only allows you to make discoveries as you're trying to find product-market fit but also to act on them, making it cross-functional.

Anyone is welcome to try the tool's Free Plan, yet there also exists a Mixpanel for Startups program. It gives qualified companies a chance to obtain $50,000 USD credits that can be spent on the paid Growth Plan and offers exclusive access to their private Slack community.

Applying for Mixpanel for Startups

There are several terms that have to be met for a startup to qualify for the program:

  • be founded less than 5 years ago;
  • have 8 million USD maximum in total funding;
  • not use any Mixpanel paid plan already.

6. Amplitude's Startup Discount

Amplitude Startup Scholarship Discount Program

Being one of the most often chosen alternatives of Mixpanel, Amplitude is one more analytics tool. It is noted for offering in-depth analytics capabilities for those who want to get to the bottom of every analytics corner.

The solution has a free Starter Plan available for everyone, but Amplitude's Startup Scholarship was designed to give startups the opportunity to use the tool's paid Growth Plan for free for a whole year. This is equal to up to $40,000 USD in terms of value as you get 200k monthly tracked users as well as access to numerous advanced tools and support from the team.

How Do You Apply for Amplitude's Startup Scholarship?

The qualification criteria are rather simple. To be eligible for the scholarship, a startup has to have a team of less than 20 people. Plus, its funding shouldn't be over 5 million USD.

7. Startup Deals Offered by Fibery

Fibery for Startups Discount Program

Fibery provides product management software, which is flexible in terms of customization. The solution has multiple use cases and can be used to organize internal company workflows in a single connected environment. As such, it can be a tool for coordinating the product development cycle, a tool for HRs to manage the developer recruitment process, or a workspace for marketers and other teams.

Fibery's generous Startup Program provides an entire year of use of the Pro Plan with an unlimited number of users free of charge to startups whose annual revenue is lower than Fibery's.

How Do You Get a Hold of Fibery's Startup Discount?

The application process is relatively straightforward. First, you sign up for the service to get access to the workspace (it takes just a few clicks). Then, you fill out and submit a form with about ten questions about you and your startup.

The main term for qualifying for the special offer (using Fibery for one year for free) is that your startup has to have an ARR below Fibery's. Currently, it's 524k USD, but you can check the updated data here.

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8. Startup Discounts by Zendesk

Zendesk for Startups Discount Program

Zendesk is one of the most popular customer service platforms. The customizable solution is fitted with many handy features created to support customers using an intuitive CRM. It makes it simple to handle customer interactions in a single environment which can be integrated with other tools. 

The Zendesk for Startups Program gives early-stage startups the perk of using their services for 6 months free of charge. For half a year, startups can access all products and software and benefit from guidance and tips from the company's experts, which allows for strengthening the community and getting new skills.

How Do You Apply for Zendesk's Startup Offer?

To qualify for the program that allows using Zendesk for free for six months, a startup must fit several criteria and fill out a form to get a promo code. The requirements are as follows, the startup should:

  • be a new customer (hasn't been subscribed to Zendesk previously);
  • not have more than 50 employees;
  • have already raised funds up to the Series A stage.

9. Chargebee's Startup Discount

Chargebee for Startups Discount Program

Chargebee is a convenient platform for organizing subscription-based billing and managing your revenue. The solution is handy for automating billing workflows. It makes it simpler to collect recurring payments from customers in due time, adjust your pricing policy and strategy, as well as keep an eye on the changes thanks to detailed reporting.

The Launch Plan by Chargebee is a program that was designed to cater to the needs of early-stage startups. It's simple to integrate with your preferred payment gateway, has advanced reporting capabilities and data analytics for startups, along with the chance to add up to three team members per account. The plan's discount terms include getting your first 100k USD in total processing volume free of charge.

What's Chargebee's Launch Plan Application Process Like?

You need to sign up for Chargebee first. To apply for the Launch Plan, a startup has to be a newly founded business with revenue below 100k USD. Once a startup makes its first 100k USD, it gets automatically switched to the plan that costs from 99 USD per month.

10. Startup Deals Offered by Userback

Userback for Startups Discount Program

Userback is software that was built to help companies effectively manage feedback from customers, team members, and users. Simple and intuitive, the tool is fitted with screen capture functionality to save visual feedback conveniently and convey messages better. It can help streamline team communication, automate feedback processes, make better decisions regarding required fixes faster, as well as not miss out on important business testimonials, issue reporting, and opinions.

Userback's exclusive Startups Deal gives startups the opportunity to apply for a 50% discount on all yearly plans.

Applying for Userback's Deal

The discount application process takes place directly on Userback's website via a chatbot, which guides you question by question as you fill out the form.

Nonetheless, not all startups qualify for the reduced price. The requirements include being a new client with ten employees maximum. Plus, the startup has to be young (up to two years old) and have obtained below 1 million USD in funding.

11. Startup Discounts by Carta

Carta for Startups Discount Program

Carta is an equity management platform designed to simplify the process of tracking ownership, issuing startup equity, and managing a company's cap, shares, fundraising, and other vital financial matters.

Carta Launch offers the founders of early-stage startups the chance to get access to cap table management for free. The plan includes multiple features like payroll integration, data rooms (for safely storing documents), generating equity plans, and others.

What's the Application Process Like?

A company has to fill out a form to apply. The requirements to qualify for Carta Launch are:

  • being a startup that's recently incorporated;
  • being a new Carta customer;
  • having a maximum of 25 stakeholders;
  • having raised funding of no more than 1 million USD.

12. Datadog's Startup Deals

Datadog for Startups Discount Program

Datadog is a cloud monitoring and security platform. It's a centralized solution used to manage logs and monitor the network, infrastructure, security, real users, app performance, etc.

Datadog for Startups offers reduced rates for the Datadog Pro Plan and gives access to technical training, ready-made dashboards, over 600 integrations to choose from, along with other perks.

How to Apply for Datadog's Startup Discount

The price for the Pro Plan starts from 15 USD per host a month, yet the exact discount for startups and the "startup-friendly cost" for this plan isn't specified.

To apply for the program, a startup should fill out a form. Notably, it can't already be an existing Datadog customer, its total funding should be below 1.5 million USD, and it has to be referred in via one of Datadog's partners.

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More Startup Deals for Business Tools

Another way to shop around for good deals is to opt for specially-created partner rewards programs that often come on a subscription basis. As a rule, founder communities accumulate many rewards, perks, promo codes, coupons, special offers, and reduced rates from their partner network in a single place.

Such services may have different application terms but can offer great savings for startups that need to pay for many services, tools, and software to build their product and buy PBN backlink to promote it. The additional value of such programs is that, at times, these offers aren't available anywhere else. That is, you might not find them otherwise, say, directly on a given company's website. 

Below we list several places you can opt to find decent startup discounts.

Program Terms What's on Offer Perk Examples
Founder Club by Product Hunt 60 USD per month (charged annually). Available on invite code. Hot deals from 30+ companies, savings worth more than 100k USD in discounts and credits Notion - 1 year free
Zoom - 20% off
VoxMagna - 1st order 50% off
Doola Rewards on Membership You have to be a Doola customer. Special offers from 50+ companies, savings worth more than 50k USD in rewards Pipedrive - extended free trial
ChartMogul - 600 USD discount
Gusto - 100 USD gift card
Failory Deals From 99 USD per year for the membership. 200+ special offers on various popular SaaS, worth up to 500k USD in value Mailchimp - half off the Standard plan for 6 mo.
Adalo - half off for 6 mo.
ClickUp - 1 year 25% off on Unlimited and Business plans
Deel Perks You have to be a Deel customer. Hot deals from 150+ companies, savings worth up to 200k USD in perks Bubble - 30% off for 3 mo.
QuickBooks - 40% off for 6 mo.
Twilio SendGrid - 1k USD in credits
Firstbase Rewards Starting or incorporating a business via Firstbase. Special offers from 190+ companies, perks worth more than 200k USD Re:cruit - 1k USD off on the 1st month
Forecastr - 1st year 25% off
Pineapple Pitches - 500 USD off

1. Founder Club by Product Hunt

  • Costs 60 USD per month (charged annually).
  • You can apply to join the club by leaving a request or if you have an invite code.
  • Has hot deals from 30+ companies and may bring significant savings worth more than 100k USD via discounts or credits.
  • Examples of perks: Notion (12 months free), Zoom (20% off), VoxMagna (half off for your first order), among others.

2. Doola Rewards on Membership

  • You have to be a Doola customer to get access to the startup discounts and rewards.
  • They offer deals from more than 50 companies, resulting in savings worth more than 50k USD.
  • Examples of perks: Pipedrive (extended free trial), ChartMogul (600 USD discount), Gusto (100 USD gift card), and others.

3. Failory Deals

  • Failory deals are available only for its members. Pricing for membership starts from 99 USD per year.
  • The deals include over 200 special offers on various popular SaaS worth up to 500k USD in value.
  • Examples of perks: Mailchimp (half off the Standard plan for 6 months), Adalo (half off for 6 months), ClickUp (25% off for 1 Year on Unlimited and Business plans), etc.

4. Deel Perks

  • To get access to the perks, a startup must be Deel's customer.
  • The program offers hot deals from 150+ companies, resulting in savings worth up to 200k USD for the perks.
  • Examples of perks: Bubble (30% off for 3 months), QuickBooks (40% off for half a year), Twilio SendGrid (1k USD in credits), among others.

5. Firstbase Rewards

  • To apply for the rewards program, a startup has to launch or incorporate its business on Firstbase.
  • Firstbase provides special offers from 190+ companies that can save startups over 200k USD.
  • Examples of perks: Re:cruit (1k USD off on the 1st month), Forecastr (25% off your 1st year), Pineapple Pitches (500 USD off), and others.

Final Thoughts on Startup Discounts

Startups at an early stage have a lot on their plate, and money is usually a concern. Undoubtedly, budget awareness is a sure path toward saving resources and distributing money with due thought. 

It's not about pinching pennies, it's about getting the best of your buck while your startup is still on its way to growing big and successful. So if you're in search of good startup deals, including services for early-stage startups and custom software development services, feel free to contact Upsilon and browse our pricing offers. We'd gladly provide you with a consultation and give you a project quote on request!

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