9 Best Tools to Create Wireframes and Prototypes for Startups

Wireframes are initial sketches used in the design phase to outline the elements, structure, and layouts of a page. They serve as a basic blueprint and can be created using different wireframe tools.

Figma is a great choice for wireframing and prototyping due to its powerful cloud-based design software and the ability to create three projects for free. It offers a user-friendly interface and allows users to upload their own UI components or use pre-designed kits. Creating artboards, adding shapes and text, and basic prototyping are all straightforward. The design organization is efficiently managed in a single panel, enabling easy navigation between artboards, layers, and pages.
Sketch, launched in 2010, brought about a revolutionary change in the capabilities of wireframing tools. Although limited to Mac-based designers, Sketch's user-friendly interface and emphasis on creating impactful UIs and vector icons make it an essential tool for creating wireframes. Similar to Figma, Sketch lacks an in-built UI library, but its widespread usage has led to the availability of numerous third-party UI kits that can be easily integrated.
Balsamiq is a user-friendly web-based wireframes tool compatible with both Mac and Windows. It offers designers the ability to quickly create wireframe designs. Its hand-drawn style, reminiscent of napkin sketches, sets it apart from more comprehensive tools. The majority of elements in Balsamiq can be easily dragged and dropped. Designers can also take advantage of the drag-and-drop editor to arrange pre-built widgets, making it accessible even for beginners.'
Moqups is a web app that enables users to create wireframes, mockups, and prototypes. It offers a cloud-based platform for seamless collaboration and has a user-friendly interface. The key advantage of Moqups is its ability to switch between diagrams, wireframes, and prototypes without requiring platform changes. Its primary goal is to establish a unified workflow by eliminating the need for multiple single-use apps.


Lucidchart is a top-notch wireframe tool for diagramming and data visualization, offering a comprehensive set of collaboration features. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy drag-and-drop functionality to arrange elements for mobile devices and websites. Additionally, Lucidchart provides a complete UI shape library with essential elements like search boxes, site map icons, and text editors. For beginners in wireframing, Lucidchart offers a wide selection of templates designed for both mobile and desktop, facilitating a quicker design process.
MockFlow is a versatile digital whiteboard available for both Mac and Windows. It offers a web-based platform with a wide variety of components for different user interfaces, including iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Apple Watch, and Android watch. One of the key advantages of MockFlow is its thriving user community, which has contributed numerous wireframe templates and UI packs. After creating wireframes, users can conveniently export them in various formats, such as HTML, wire, Microsoft Word, and Adobe PDF.
Framer is a web-based tool to create wireframes and prototypes available on both Windows and Mac. It offers a comprehensive free option, making it an excellent choice for professional prototyping. With Framer's insert menu, you have access to a wide range of components that can be easily added to your wireframe using the simple drag-and-drop interface. The prototyping components in Framer showcase various visual states, providing a realistic preview of how the actual components will appear. Additionally, you can customize these elements to control their animation during screen transitions.
Mockplus is a free wireframing tool that enables you to design interactive wireframes resembling fully functional prototypes. With compatibility for both Windows and macOS, Mockplus offers a vast library of over 3,000 pre-built icons, components, and templates. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows for the swift creation of wireframes. Furthermore, Mockplus supports wireframes for desktop and mobile devices, catering to both iOS and Android platforms.


Justinmind is a user-friendly wireframing tool for Mac and Windows, catering to non-technical designers. It offers an easy learning curve and is less complex compared to alternatives like Figma or Sketch. Despite its simpler UI, Justinmind doesn't compromise on functionality. It allows you to create wireframes that can be tested as prototypes right from the start, offering a variety of interactive prototype elements. Additionally, Justinmind provides a wide range of built-in UI elements and widgets for iOS, SAP, and Android. You have the flexibility to customize the included elements using styling options or import your own.