5 Best Messaging Tools for Startups

Businesses rely on instant messaging for effective communication with customers and teams. While the IT industry continues to introduce newer messaging tools, this page highlights the best instant messaging tools for startups, including pricing models and key features.

Slack remains one of the best team messaging tools. With Slack, team communication is streamlined through various messaging channels, ensuring everyone is well-informed. The free plan offers unlimited messages, channels, and video calls, along with integration capabilities for up to 10 different apps. This makes it an excellent option for expanding teams looking to explore the benefits of Slack.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a reliable messaging tool for startups, supported by Microsoft 365 products. It is a highly advanced group chat platform compatible with Linux, Windows, and Android. Moreover, Microsoft 365 services offer valuable features like cloud storage, email, and video conferencing that can be seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams, providing startups with a comprehensive and efficient communication and collaboration platform.
Discord, a versatile instant messaging and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) platform, is accessible in 28 languages. Launched in 2015, it boasts a staggering user base of 150 million active members per month.
Skype has been a popular instant messaging tool for businesses of all sizes for over a decade. This communication application was launched to the public in 2003 and has since gained hundreds of millions of users. It offers a reliable solution for video meetings, instant chats, and telecommunications.
WhatsApp, with over 1.6 billion active users, is the leading communications app in the market. It is preinstalled on numerous smartphones, making it highly likely that your customers are already familiar with its features such as texting, group chatting, voice and video calling, as well as file sharing.
Spend too much time answering questions? Scribe captures your screen to create visual step-by-step guides for quick collaboration and sharing. Empower your team to work without sacrificing yours. Simply turn on the Scribe extension or desktop app and let it track your work. Scribe automatically creates a video tutorial with text and screenshots that you can share with one click.
Psono is an open source password manager designed for teams and businesses to securely manage and share credentials. It offers a highly customizable and secure solution for password management, ensuring that your sensitive information is protected. With a focus on ease of use and flexibility, Psono can adapt to various organizational needs.