14 Best Sales Lead Generation Tools for Startups

Identifying individuals with the capacity to become customers can prove challenging, and traditional cold calling methods may not always yield desired outcomes. Utilizing lead generation software can assist your business in generating and converting high-quality leads from various channels. Below is a compilation of the top lead generation tools to aid you in this endeavor.


ActiveCampaign is a platform designed for lead generation and marketing automation. It specifically serves small businesses, startups, and eCommerce stores. This software facilitates lead capture, email campaign management, and marketing process automation. ActiveCampaign enables the segmentation of website visitors into various audience groups for precise targeting. Users can engage their desired audience through automated SMS marketing. ActiveCampaign provides support through chat, email, and phone channels. It is a web-based software with a mobile application available for both Android and iOS devices.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot Marketing Hub is a comprehensive marketing solution designed for expanding teams. It encompasses a lead management system that includes contact and campaign management capabilities. The Marketing Hub empowers businesses to capture inbound leads through various channels such as website forms, pop-ups, live chat, and chatbots, supported by their lead capture tool. Additionally, it provides a free plan with limited lead generation features. HubSpot highlights that the tool seamlessly integrates with your preferred customer relationship management (CRM) software, email system, and customer data platform (CDP).


Pipedrive is a sales team CRM platform with lead management, pipeline management, and code-free development features. By adding the LeadBooster add-on for $32.50/month, users can access the Pipedrive prospect database for easy outbound lead generation. The mobile sales app allows traveling salespeople to communicate with customers through live chat and collect prospect information from web forms and chatbot conversations.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a versatile customer relations and auto-dialer software designed for small to mid-sized sales and marketing teams. It enables sales teams to effectively capture and nurture leads through its user-friendly interface, customizable workflows, and advanced features such as email address discovery and social media lead activity monitoring. This allows businesses to tailor Agile CRM to their specific requirements.


AeroLeads, an outbound prospect generation tool, enables users to discover personal and business contact details. It seamlessly integrates with various CRMs, and provides a Chrome extension and prospecting plugin for effortless identification of phone numbers and email addresses. With a database exceeding 650 million emails, AeroLeads ensures efficient prospecting by regularly validating the information.
LeadFuze is a tool designed for salespeople, recruiters, and marketers to find contacts. It offers an automated lead generation tool with features like lead verification and segmentation. With LeadFuze, users can customize filters to conduct market-based searches and discover highly targeted leads based on criteria such as industry or employee count. Alternatively, they can perform an account-based search to obtain contact information for specific customer segments. For instance, salespeople can run a bulk query to retrieve the email addresses of all C-level executives in a designated list of companies. This allows agents to allocate more time to their sales pitch instead of spending it on compiling contact lists.


LeadsBridge serves as a sales lead generation tool catering to advertising agencies, retailers, financial services, and real estate businesses. With an extensive range of over 380 integrations, it provides social media marketing tools and facilitates the capture of leads from diverse sources. The platform allows businesses to seamlessly transfer this data to their preferred CRM system. Additionally, LeadsBridge offers valuable marketing automation features, aiding users in email workflows, lead qualification, and segmentation. This comprehensive tool empowers businesses to optimize their inbound leads effectively.


OptinMonster serves as a lead generation tool designed for various entities such as startups, small businesses, bloggers, marketing agencies, and e-commerce websites. It offers a range of features to convert website visitors into customers, including exit intent detection, pre-designed landing pages, and interactive gamified wheels. Furthermore, OptinMonster offers insights into its own successful journey and equips customers with the tools needed to replicate that success. This includes features like landing page creation, personalized messaging with behavior automation, and comprehensive campaign reporting and analytics.


Dealfront, previously known as Leadfeeder, is a GDPR-compliant sales prospecting and B2B lead generation tool. It enables sales and support teams to generate leads and maintain a steady flow of prospects in their sales funnels. With over 100 unique filters, Dealfront assists salespeople in identifying prospects that align with their target customer profile. This functionality allows users to create comprehensive customer profiles, providing contextual information to support sales efforts while respecting individual privacy rights. What sets Dealfront apart is its ability to facilitate both outbound and inbound lead generation. The system notifies users of sales triggers when a promising candidate visits their website or gains media attention.
Intercom is a versatile product with various components and applications. It offers on-site messaging and chat functionalities to interact with visitors and gather their details. Once integrated, you can assess their on-site or in-app activities and establish message triggers to facilitate onboarding, support, or retention. Additionally, Intercom provides an integrated help desk and knowledge base to assist existing customers.
Woorise is a comprehensive lead generation and marketing solution that enables you to create various interactive campaigns, including landing pages, forms, surveys, quizzes, viral giveaways, and contests. It also supports payment acceptance and offers a range of features to help you achieve your goals from a single platform.

Leads API

Crawlbase's Leads API is an advanced sales lead generation tool that efficiently extracts valuable leads from various sources like websites, LinkedIn, and Facebook. This API allows you to effortlessly obtain leads in bulk by providing URLs and delivers comprehensive lead information including name, work position, and other important attributes. The extracted leads can be exported in JSON or CSV format. With the Leads API, you can extract over 10,000 leads in a single operation. It also offers a free trial option to obtain the first 100 leads at no cost, giving you the opportunity to test its functionality. Additionally, the API provides flexible subscription options, allowing you to cancel anytime without being tied down by lengthy contracts.


Discover.ly is a valuable lead generation tool that provides enhanced insights into social media profiles. It serves as an excellent complement to other tools, particularly Hunter.io. By utilizing this free Chrome extension, you can obtain extensive information about specific prospects, including their connections and additional social profiles.
Snov.io is an all-in-one platform for sales automation and cold email outreach with lead generation features. Snov.io offers strong automation functionality, from email finding, building email lists, their validation to warming-up inbox and sending programmed email campaigns. You can manage all leads you’ve generated under the roof of a user-friendly Snov.io CRM and never forget to follow-up your future customers.
Clearout.io is a powerful lead generation tool that helps you find pre-verified email addresses of your leads. If you already have a list, you can enrich it with their data enrichment or simply verify the existence of the email addresses using their email verifier. Clearout also offers a chrome extension to find and extract contact details from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator.
Ozonetel offers an essential solution for lead generation, ensuring swift and personalized interaction with potential customers. Ozonetel CX platform makes it possible to connect with leads within 30 minutes, empowering you to prioritize high-value prospects. With Ozonetel's exclusive Conversational AI, we enhance efficiency by automating conversations that align with your campaign requirements. Furthermore, Ozonetel effectively tackles the crucial issue of lead leakage through advanced features such as number masking, and preventing offline interactions between prospects and agents.