4 Best MVP Launch Tools for Startups

After the product becomes accessible to users, the team has various options to ensure its discovery. Marketing efforts and promotional campaigns can be continued, while the audience can be expanded through social media and other channels. Regardless of whether the development process was public or not, the following launch tools can assist once the MVP is live.


ProductHunt is a community-driven website that offers entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their MVPs and connect with early adopters. It provides an opportunity to launch products and services while receiving valuable feedback and ratings from users. ProductHunt allows users to test new products and provide unbiased feedback, even if they are in the MVP stage. It attracts a diverse user base who are eager to try out new applications and share their thoughts. One of the major advantages of ProductHunt is the ability to launch a product for free. This eliminates financial barriers and enables entrepreneurs to reach a wider audience. Depending on your objectives, ProductHunt offers features to track success such as vote counts, mentions, and referral traffic.
BetaList functions as a social platform for entrepreneurs, akin to Facebook. It facilitates the connection between early adopters and startup founders, generating a market for your products. BetaList categorizes startups into various sections based on topics and interests. The platform provides daily updates on new startups that may pique your interest. It also offers insights into different industries, presenting potential opportunities for your business. Additionally, BetaList keeps you informed about the latest news on new startups, industries of your interest, job openings, and more.
AppSumo is a popular online marketplace for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses. It has gained recognition as a trusted platform offering daily deals on digital products and various online services.

PitchWall (ex-BetaPage)

BetaPage serves as both a comprehensive tech product directory and a thriving community of over 100,000 founders from around the world. It offers a platform for browsing, discovering, and hunting various tech products. Users have the freedom to submit a wide range of tech products including mobile apps, web apps, desktop apps, SaaS solutions, IoT devices, innovative software and hardware, Chrome extensions, GitHub projects, indie hacker projects, AI-based ventures, or any other product that addresses a market gap. Moreover, BetaPage is not limited to beta-stage products; it welcomes submissions at any stage of development, whether under development, in beta, or already live.