MVP Launch Tips 90% Founders Often Overlook

Launching an early version of a product can be a wild ride, especially for new entrepreneurs. If you follow the MVP-first strategy, you can speed things up, but it doesn't guarantee you'll avoid the rollercoaster-like ups and downs of building a startup.

The thing is, many startups underestimate the importance of planning and using proven best practices when bringing the MVP to life. This often leads to messy processes and wasted resources.

Drawing from our own experience of building startups and products for clients over the past decade, we would like to share 10 tips for launching a successful MVP that are surprisingly often ignored by founders. We’ve also included a handy MVP launch playbook to ensure that you do not miss any crucial steps on your path to a successful pilot version of your product.

10 MVP Launch Tips 90% Founders Often Overlook (+MVP Checklist Inside!)

Your Cheat Sheet on the Path to MVP and Beyond

Like any founder and entrepreneur, you've probably got your eyes on the lean startup concept which has helped many teams test their ideas quickly with early adopters. This approach involves creating a minimum viable product (MVP) instead of investing time and resources in a large-scale project. However, even following the MVP-first strategy, building a startup can still be a rollercoaster ride.

To make the process of creating an MVP smoother and more predictable, we’ve compiled a list of 10 best-kept secrets for building an MVP. Enhanced with an editable MVP launch playbook, this content can serve as your cheat sheet on the path to a successful product.

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