Object tracking - Bringing BI to Your Construction Business

Construction was always a very rapid developing business. Nowadays, to support such progressive growth, it should be covered by modern technologies. Large construction sites are like big cities with a lot of people around, an enormous quantity of materials and objects. These things work like a single machine when they stay under control. Our object tracking solution that we implemented, in this case, helps construction businesses to stay organized and progressive.

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For this project, to create simple, understandable, and functional IT product, we identified 3 critical aspects of the system during the discovery phase:

  • The process of object tracking should be reliable, easily accessible to be able to enter information quickly all the way from the object moving from different warehouses to finally be used on a construction site.
  • Users should be able to identify or find information about any tracked object in the application and its history.
  • Provide business intelligence based on collected data about warehouse and transporting costs, logistics flows, and bottlenecks.


To fulfil the requirements of the project, we decided to build a solution utilizing 3 platforms - Mobile application, WEB-application, BI platform:

  • Tracking materials and objects is done using QR-codes printed on durable stickers. For this purpose, we created a mobile application (iOS and Android) which scans QR-codes, saves GPS location, makes photos and description of tracked items. All information about objects our application transfers to the WEB-service online and if the connection was not available data will be sent with a delay as soon as the phone has a stable connection.
  • The WEB-application contains all the information gathered from the mobile app online. It shows all the data about tracked items, including their locations, routes on the map, including users who sent the information. It is also used to generate new QR-codes.
  • BI part is done via integration with Power BI, where we transfer all of the gathered data-sets and build reports and visualizations to get insights on objects' movement and costs.

Business Result

As a result, we implemented mobile, simple service, but with broad functionality, which met all the customer's expectations. It allows saving valuable time and money on getting information on all assets stored in warehouses and used in construction.

Adding BI component provides a competitive advantage and opening ways to be cost-effective and control the business based on real data.

UpsilonIT built a solution helping to monitor and process all the data about items and objects related to the client's construction business.





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