Medignition - Educational App for Healthcare Innovation Hub

UpsilonIT has been working with Healthcare Innovation Hub Medignition for 2 years. During our cooperation we have created several really helpful solutions for healthcare and fintech industries in Switzerland. We proud to say that in these solutions we had utilized different progressive technologies (such as React, Gatsby and etc.) and got significant results.

In this case we would like to tell you about our experience of making educational solution in fintech sphere.







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Working with Healthcare Innovation Hub Medignition we set targets in different industries, such as Healthcare, Fintech and etc. Let’s speak about educational WEB-service for Fintech industry. In this project our team helped with front-end part.

There was a purpose to create special educational service which would meet such requirements as:

  • big data base of knowledge in Fintech sphere
  • possibility of passing exams and getting certificates
  • big video storage
  • big amount of lessons and possibility of learning step by step
  • registration form
  • paid subscription and paid services

As you see, the purpose was to create big, complete service which would have borderless capabilities for people who want to develop in finance.


Together with our Swiss colleagues we found in development such WEB-application as Implementation of this service required from our team Front-end skills in such technologies as React and Gatsby.

We implemented service with all necessary functionality for getting real knowledge: big database of knowledge, video lessons, registration form, paid services and etc.)

Development of this project completely met deadlines and got positive feedback from users.

Business Result

As a result we have full cycle educational WEB-application which helps German speaking people to learn more about finance sphere. This service evolves every day and gathers a lot of users interested in finance.

UpsilonIt helped Medignition develop a digital platform that provides content and online courses on business and finance.





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