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Retail stores face a stifling competition. They have to find new efficient ways to retain customers and increase conversions. This is especially crucial for big shopping malls that try to compete with online stores. One of the challenges the industry is facing is to embrace lots of advertising data that is generated during promotions and other campaigns. This data can be used to increase customer retention rates and boost engagement in offline stores.

To launch an ad campaign or a loyalty program is only a first step to convert customers in retail. These activities generate lots of valuable data that needs to be easy to understand. You should know what is happening right now in your offline business and follow the results of your activities fast and efficiently. With the summary of how your campaigns are performing, you will be able to gain a clear view of how your business strategy is working.

To address these issues, retailers use complex advertising campaign management and analytics systems.. They provide a clear and concise representation of business-critical data. On the other hand, they help to analyze the performance of campaigns. Such systems consist of two parts:

  • Advertising management systems are used to set up and manage ad campaigns.
  • Advertising performance dashboards can help retailers to display and analyze dynamic outcomes and other variables.

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The client was looking to attract offline store owners to Essentai Mall, the premium shopping and entertainment center in Kazakhstan.

For that goal, the client wanted to use an ad system for the whole Mall. It would help to analyze the number of total visits to the mall and track foot traffic in each particular retail store. The Mall had its own mobile app for visitors, called MyEssentai, hence the name of the shopping venue.

Thus, each retailer would have an opportunity to track and analyze the results of ad campaigns, loyalty programs, and other activities. All the advertising metrics would be available through MyEssentai app.

Taking into account project requirements, we broke down the development process in two parts:

  • Advertising management system development (to set up and customize ad campaigns)
  • Advertising performance dashboard development (to display and analyze the results of ad campaigns).

Adjusting to the client’s requirements, it was decided that the advertising management system should support certain variables, including:

  • ad campaign duration
  • % of discount
  • gifts and bonuses, etc.

These metrics should’ve been applied for the whole mall and each retail store in particular.

As for the advertising performance dashboard, it should’ve become an end-to-end control and analytics system used to track the main ad campaign metrics for an offline store:

  • Customer retention rate
  • Average check
  • Conversion rates
  • Total visits
  • Cost Per Acquisition, Cost Per Action, Cost Per Conversion, and so on.

The challenge was to create a functional platform that would visualize the data and help to make the right business decisions in retail.


After interviewing the client, we received the information about their priorities. The client wanted a complex Mall system that would be easy to navigate and use.

In the first phase, we developed a functional advertising management system for setting up and customizing of advertising campaigns. In the course of development we implemented:

  • custom settings for advertising campaigns and loyalty programs used by different stores
  • custom discount settings used by different stores
  • custom in-store event and promotion settings
  • custom ad campaign duration settings custom client segmentation by gender, age, birthday, interests, phone number, latest buys, preferences, etc.

After we completed the first development phase, there was a challenge of developing an advertising performance dashboard that would help the client to achieve their goals.

As we began the next phase, there was an idea to develop an advertising dashboard that would comprise a separate pages and charts. However, this approach wasn’t effective in answering the client’s requirements. Users would have to navigate through different pages to interact with the data and get accustomed to the way it would be represented.

We collected the data about the most critical pain points of our client and analyzed the feedback in detail. That is why it was decided to develop an easy-to-use one-page custom platform. It wasn’t the easiest path for our team, yet we did everything possible to satisfy the client’s requirements. We always treat the client’s problems like our own.

The second phase of the development process started to roll out. Our team developed an informative advertising performance dashboard used to display and analyze the results of advertising efforts. In the course of development we implemented the following features:

  • visualization of the results of advertising campaigns set up in the admin panel
  • custom visualizations with the help of various charts and diagrams
  • analysis of the main metrics involved in advertising campaigns in retail: Cost Per Acquisition, Cost Per Action, Cost Per Conversion, etc.comparison of the results of сurrent advertising campaigns to previous ones
  • visualization of the data about clients collected in the app, including gender, age, birthday, interests, phone number, latest buys, preferences, etc
  • a single view of total visits in offline stores. Data aggregation was conducted by iBeacon sensor-based navigation system (find out more about the case here)

Technologies and tools we applied

Our team employed Python for the back-end functionality and React for the front-end part. We also applied D3 library to transform the data to life. In addition to this technical stack, we utilized some useful tools and libraries including AWS (EC2, S3/CloudFront, RDS, Redshift, Route53), Black, MyPy, Pipenv. The project was created on a PostgreSQL database.

Business Result

The solution developed made it possible to transform advertising activities in Essentai Mall and the retail stores under its roof.

The client received a complete solution that took their existing ecosystem of events and promotions to the next level. The client’s mobile app was updated with a powerful advertising management system with robust functionality. This solution allowed any store to set up and display any new advertising activity without any friction.

Our solution made it easier to track and display all the key metrics of advertising activities with a feature-rich advertising performance dashboard. One could easily access and browse through necessary metrics from one page. Such a solution enabled retailers to analyze the performance of ad campaigns thus making it easier to make the right decisions about their efficiency. Offline retail stores could increase Cost Per Acquisition, Cost Per Action, and Cost Per Conversion and other crucial metrics.

  • Our solution helps to identify, among other things:
  • Average client’s check increase as compared to previous periods
  • A change of customer conversion rate in an offline store
  • CPA from store to store
  • Conversion rates derived from the latest advertising campaign for sample stores
  • ROI ratio, total visits, customer retention rates in an offline store

The project we successfully deployed served as a significant milestone for our company. It multiplied our domain expertise and contributed to our growth as a company expert in data visualization software. If you are looking to employ all-purpose complex digital solutions, you can count on UpsilonIT as we can provide an answer to complex business challenges.

We can develop data visualization solutions of any complexity and ensure their scalability for future growth. Come find how we can help your business to harness the power of data visualization by clicking here.

Retail companies launch advertising campaigns, analyze customers’ behaviour and make decisions on how to improve customers’ experience while shopping. It is a large amount of incoming data that should be processed well.




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